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Kitchen Assistant is a responsive and innovative addition to the global SmartHQ app, delivering a seamless guided cooking experience for users. Through an extensive design and technical build engagement, Fisher & Paykel's vision was translated into a go-to-market release.

About the client

Fisher & Paykel Appliances is an award-winning appliance brand founded on a pioneering spirit with a culture of curiosity. It has challenged conventional appliance design for decades. With several unique innovations in their product range, Fisher & Paykel was seeking a digital technology partner to help them develop their latest technical feat.

A virtual sous chef

Experimenting with a new technique or wanting to serve up perfectly crispy on the outside but succulent on the inside can be daunting. But imagine having a guide in the kitchen, helping you to perfect that rare steak or Christmas turkey. A virtual sous chef, providing you with easy-to-follow instructions and real-time monitoring, directly from your smartphone.

Innovation in the kitchen

This is where Kitchen Assistant steps in, based on the insight that temperature is the key to achieving perfect results and combined with a leading wireless temperature sensor, the Assistant is ready to deliver an intuitive guided cooking experience for the growing number of pro home cooks, whether cooking indoors or outside.

Built within the global SmartHQ app, the Kitchen Assistant takes out the guesswork and guides you through each cooking stage, from inserting the sensor to selecting the level of doneness, monitoring the temperature throughout the cook and even the resting time. By using the Kitchen Assistant, home chefs can rest assured that they can achieve exceptional outcomes each and every time.

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Precision in every dish

Through an extensive design and technical build engagement, Dynamo6 in close partnership with Fisher & Paykel Appliances, has translated the vision into a technical reality, building the first iteration of Kitchen Assistant.

Along the way, we’ve navigated intricate software specifications and converted them into a user-friendly format, able to intuitively guide highly variable cooking instructions, in a step-by-step way. Supported with a clear user interface and design language.

To inform the product functionality, we worked closely with Fisher & Paykel’s appliance experts and a team of experienced chefs. The chefs provided expert guidance on cooking steps, optimal temperatures, and exacting details of the cooking process. To cater to the range of cooking styles and meals, we built a custom system to manage the variations. It’s designed to support planned additions or any future changes.

We have also taken the functional requirements and design concepts and progressively built the software to integrate the new experience into the global Haier and GE Appliances smart appliance platforms app. Overall, delivering Kitchen Assistant, a new market innovation, that responsively handles someone switching apps or effortlessly guides through a 10-hour slow-cooked brisket.

Dynamo6's expertise was instrumental in translating our vision for Kitchen Assistant into a reality. Their team have been fantastic to work with and overall they have seamlessly built and integrated this innovative cooking experience into the SmartHQ app, delivering a user-friendly and intuitive guide for home chefs of all levels.

Megan Firkin, GM Product Line - Connected Ecosystems, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Plate up a masterpiece

If you too have the cooking bug, connect your Fisher & Paykel smart appliances to SmartHQ and give Kitchen Assistant a go. Find it in the App Store or Google Play.

About SmartHQ

SmartHQ lets you manage and control a variety of smart appliances from GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel and Haier. It gives you total control of your headquarters: your home.

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