About us

We’re an independent and fresh-thinking technology company.

Our blend of cloud and digital services will supercharge your transformation projects and build your digital assets.

We stand for the changemakers. The ones who feel the ordinary just isn’t good enough. The do-ers, the thinkers, the leaders.

Let’s bring tech to life. Let’s shake up the status quo. Let’s innovate together.

Meet the team

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Igor Matich

Founder & Executive Director

Igor brings together and leads the Dynamo6 team. He provides technology strategy, learnt from a 20-year long technical and senior IT career. Igor is energised by great technology and experiences.

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Darren Martin

Head of Cloud & Support

Darren supports our clients' cloud operations and he also looks after our Cloud and Managed Support teams. He holds certifications with Netskope, Google Workspace, and is a Cisco CMNA.

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Geoff Hinton

Head of Delivery

Geoff is an organisational mastermind. He makes sure projects are delivered. He has worked in project management for over 10 years and has training in Agile and PRINCE2®.

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Darin Gillies

Head of Technology & Development

Darin has spent 15 years in tech and brings technology vision as well as provides security and technical know-how to our projects.

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Shaun Coutts

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Shaun manages relationships with clients and our technology partners. He works with you to help solve business problems at a strategic level.

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Amanda Burney

Finance & HR Director

Amanda is the one who keeps everything running. She previously worked as a police officer. She keeps everything in order by looking after our people and finances.

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Korrin Balmain

Sales & Partnerships Director

Korrin manages relationships with clients and our technology partners. She helps organisations embrace change and is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner with 10+ years of experience.

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Peter O'Halloran

Digital Director

Pete works across our digital projects, from scoping and analysis through to successful delivery. Pete has over a decade in digital delivery and a BA background.

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Zoe-Louise Bell

Marketing Director

Z-L works on D6’s marketing strategy and execution. She recently completed a Mini MBA in Brand Management and holds certs in Google Ads & Analytics. You’ll usually find her crafting content or ads.

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Andrew Milne

Cloud Architect

Andy is our Cloud Architect. He makes all the parts of cloud computing work together. Andy is certified as a Professional Cloud Architect and Security Engineer for Google Cloud.

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Michelle Heighway

Digital Project Manager

Michelle is an organisational wiz, describing her skills as a master juggler, she keeps us on track. She’s also qualified as a PRINCE2® Practitioner.

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Matt Trent

Cloud Account Manager

Matt helps our clients solve problems using cloud tech. He holds professional sales certs in Google Cloud, and Netskope, and is a Cisco CMNA. Fun fact - Matt’s also a qualified flight instructor.

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Curtis Yeatman

Digital Business Analyst

Curtis is a superb business analyst. He has 10+ years working as a BA and loves bringing clarity to projects. Curtis has a graduate diploma in IT and a certificate in business analysis.

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Mark Brawn

Senior Developer

Mark codes websites and configures APIs. He helps create wonderful apps and websites and integrates systems and data. Mark has worked in software development for 20 years.

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Gavyn Jones

Senior Developer

Gavyn builds websites and mobile apps. He’s a specialist in CMS, e-commerce, and app development. He’s worked in development for the last 16 years and loves a creative challenge.

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Mike Harris

Senior Developer

Mike builds websites that look great and are simple to use. Mike completed a Computing Science Bachelor’s degree and has worked in development for 15+ years.

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Jason Lum

Senior Cloud Engineer

Jason likes to bring a fresh perspective to our tech projects and has a keen interest in security and operational excellence. His 14 years of experience have seen him working across cloud and network as well as ops roles.

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Jacques Maré

Senior Cloud Engineer

Jacques maintains and configures cloud and network environments. He works on cloud projects, esp. Microsoft ones. He’s a certified Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert.

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Brooke Barnes

Software Test Engineer

Brooke tests our software, hunting for bugs and helping to ensure things meet user requirements. He studied a BSc in Computer Science and has a passion for software development.

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Mitchell Smith

Cloud Engineer

Mitch helps our clients with their cloud and networking needs. He also works on our cloud migration projects, esp. Google Workspace ones. He’s a certified Google Cloud Collaboration engineer.

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Ryan Foster

Cloud Support Specialist

Ryan helps resolve IT issues and brings networking and customer service know-how. Recently he certified in Google Workspace deployment & as a Netskope cloud security specialist.

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Kalham Nordstrom

Cloud Support Specialist

Kalham provides first-class support and helps resolve IT issues for our clients. He has a background in customer service and holds a BSc in Computer Science.

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