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ISO Limited were keen to reduce the double handling of information across the nation’s ports. Dynamo6 helped define and develop a custom web app and ship safety database to do just that.

Setting the scene

ISO Limited is a port logistics company. Unloading and reloading large amounts of cargo at docks across New Zealand requires watertight health and safety procedures. Before unloading, ships are inspected to ensure they are safe and surveyors make a note of hazards or repairs that are needed. During offloading and reloading, stevedores also keep an eye on hazards and log any further information if needed.

There are many independent port logistics companies in New Zealand, and each company completes their inspections and maintains safety logs. Wanting to be an innovator, ISO Limited decided there was a more efficient way for port logistics companies to work together.

ISO Limited employed Dynamo6 to help define and develop a tailored solution that centralised vessel safety notes, worked for surveyors and stevedores using mobile devices in a busy port, and was accessible to all stevedoring companies.

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The steps we took

Dynamo6 worked with ISO Limited to understand their challenges and define and build a minimal viable product for a ‘Ship Safety Vessel Database’. Overall the project saw the following phases:

  • Discover - A stage to understand user journeys and internal processes and get into the product requirements.
  • Design - Taking the agreed-upon product requirements, we move into prototyping and wireframing, putting together a UI and product flow that is shared for user feedback.
  • Develop - Our technical team transform requirements and designs into a fully functioning web app with QAT taking place in parallel.

A streamlined solution

In the Discover phase, we found that each port would more or less replicate the same safety procedures on a vessel. To help streamline this, the 'Ship Safety Vessel Database' web app contains sharing capabilities. It also shares information and inspection results, it also offers ship update notification opt-ins, as well as enables multi-media uploads against a vessel.

Choosing the tech

The product requirements lent themselves to being a web app and the application is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. GCP is readily configurable and works well for pipeline automation. Ideal for ongoing feature development.

All aboard

The software development and live deployment were ready well ahead of schedule. The aims of this project and the resulting web app features can be summarised as:

  • Reducing the double handling of information,
  • Helping to streamline port operations,
  • A resource that helps to improve vessel safety.

Have some custom development in mind?

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