Through our partnerships with the next generation of cybersecurity tools, and our cloud and business know-how, we’re well-placed to support you in taking back control of your IT security.


Begin at the beginning

Security & IT operations

We help you identify and address your digital risk and partner with global cybersecurity giants to help respond to adversaries trying to exploit it. We help to spot gaps and create a clear action plan so your applications, systems, and devices are secure by design and your people are empowered, not hindered.

On top of this, we partner with CrowdStrike to augment a secure-by-design approach to respond to cybersecurity attacks from anywhere in the world, no matter how your organisation is threatened, 24/7, across any IT environment.


Enhance your cloud security posture

Cloud security

With cloud services being the solution of choice for modern businesses, the way to protect data in cloud environments has changed. Storage and network protections will keep you ahead of threats.

  • Cloud risk assessment to check the configuration and access health of your AWS and Google Cloud environments
  • Cloud security consulting
  • Managed cloud security posture management via our Cloud Protect service - powered by CrowdStrike, delivered by us

Digital bouncers for your cloud world

Identity & access management

Human error and social engineering remain the biggest ways for bad actors to gain access. So, with modern identity and access solutions, such as JumpCloud or Okta, we’ll help you ensure that granting access to authorised users and groups is a doddle and suspicious activities are flagged.

  • Identity and Access Management strategy
  • Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Identity detection and response
  • Authentication rollout and support

Prevention is better than the cure

Device security

Laptops, mobile phones, and other tech peripherals. They’re key to the way we work. Keeping your organisation’s devices up-to-date as well as secure is a breeze with our partner solutions and support.

  • Advanced endpoint protection (EDR)
  • Managed detection and response (MDR)
  • Extended detection and response (XDR)

Living on the edge

Network security

In our work-from-anywhere world, securing how you connect and the applications you use is essential. With Cisco Secure or Netskope solutions, we'll help you secure network connections and monitor and defend the endpoints and connections your people are using.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker and Data Loss Protection (CASB/DLP) solutions
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud networking architecture
  • Network as a Service (NaaS) via our Smart Network service - powered by Cisco Meraki, delivered by us.

Our cybersecurity friends

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