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Feisst Group, a rapidly growing trade services company, struggled with siloed data across separate software systems. Dynamo6 built a custom integration engine that connects Costcon (finance) and SimPRO (job management) to streamline operations and eliminate manual data entry.

About Feisst Group

Feisst Group is a Waikato success story. Originally starting as Feisst Electrical, the group has rapidly grown and now is formed of many trade services companies across the North Island. They serve a range of corporate, government and residential customers, across electrical, HVAC and technical services.

Project background

As their business has grown, the number of services, range of customer types, and employee count has increased massively. To make their operations run smoothly, they’ve put in place specialised software designed specifically for trade services organisations. Namely Costcon and SimPRO.

Feisst Group hero

The challenge

While the software choices were the best for their business, they are disconnected systems. Feisst Group faced a common problem: siloed data across separate platforms. Job statuses, billing, purchase orders, and employee timesheets resided in different systems, necessitating manual data entry that took up 1 to 2 days a week. A process that was both time-consuming and risked processing errors.

The solution: A custom integration engine

Dynamo6 stepped in to bridge the gap. We understood the need for seamless data flow between Costcon and SimPro. After a discovery phase to ensure all business information and processes were factored in, our solution involved creating a custom integration engine: an export/import job tracking table that acts as a central hub. This bi-directional communication ensures that Costcon (finance) and SimPRO (job management) stay in sync.

Technical specs

The custom integration engine addressed Feisst Group's unique needs. Unlike off-the-shelf connectors, it offers:

  • Connections for systems without APIs
  • Custom business logic and modifications
  • Continuous monitoring through a daily import/export notification email
  • And enhanced security, as data is pulled and resides in Feisst’s AWS environment allowing complete control and data privacy

A scalable solution

By eliminating manual data processing and reducing data silos, the custom-built solution has empowered Feisst Group to streamline its operations. The integration engine is built for scalability, allowing for the integration of additional systems as Feisst Group continues to grow and evolve. A Managed Support arrangement also takes care of simple additions and technical maintenance.

Struggling with disconnected data?

Drawing from a discover and design approach backed up with technical skills, Dynamo6 can help you streamline operations. Get in touch with your custom integration and development needs.

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