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Speed and agility – what it takes to succeed today

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Today’s organisations need a new kind of agility.

The team from Dynamo6 were fortunate to attend the 2015 Summit for Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently. There we heard a number of important key messages that we strongly identify with. Each year, the summit has grown in attendance, symbolic of the huge data growth explosion online that shows no sign of a plateau in the future.

Rod Drury of Xero shared about today’s business and technology environment: “Speed is a competitive weapon. It’s not the big that eats the small, it’s the fast that eats the slow.” Agility and speed now matter far more than the size of a company, in fact we are now seeing the inertia effect that large organisations suffer from; their inability to change.

Some of the nuggets we heard are truly food for thought. Arguably the most impactful was the observation: “Cloud is the new normal.” Businesses building applications today go to the cloud for delivery solutions by default, rather than wondering what hardware they need to host the applications, as they did in the past. Why build your own generator when you can just plug into the grid and pay as you use?

AWS is increasingly attractive for its rapid easy provisioning and ability to scale up, down or out at need. Xero have recently begun moving their 584TB environment to the AWS platform. The list of large companies and global platforms that are now AWS based is staggering, from Pinterest to Expedia, Nokia, Netflix, Adobe, Dow Jones, NASA – the list goes on.

AWS spoke about how SaaS will in due course supersede other forms of application delivery. “Hybrid IT is part of the journey, not the destination.”

So if Cloud is the new normal, it’s increasingly important to distinguish and choose the right cloud platforms. Go for the options that are elastic, scalable, allow easy data extract/export, and offer high availability with enterprise security and high value for money. For our money, you can’t beat the global providers AWS, Microsoft and Google.