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How to transfer your G Suite Education account

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G Suite for Education is changing the education system rapidly – and producing a cohort of technology-native workers. The powerful toolset encourages collaboration and creativity, while not worrying about losing files due to saving them to the wrong server (any 90’s students out there?). Students do some amazing work; the thought of leaving countless assignments, reports, and projects behind when you change schools or graduate seems like such a waste.

Lucky for us, our friends at G Suite for Education have come to your files’ rescue. This great feature allows staff and students to copy and move their Google Drive files and emails to take them with them when they leave. This is awesome news for students or teachers that are moving schools or graduating.

It’s a fairly easy process, but we’ll walk you through it anyway:

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will need another Google Account to transfer your data to, your personal one is probably the best. Set one up here if you don’t have one already.
  2. Before you start the process it’s a good idea to log into your Google Drive and organise it a bit. Later in the process, you can either take all or nothing, so now’s the time to tidy up. The file structure you have currently will be copied over with the files. Make sure you can find things
  3. Logged in with your school account, go to Enter the Google Account you want to transfer your data to and hit ‘Send Code’. When you receive the email in your destination account, click ‘Get Confirmation Code’, copy it and head back to your School account.
  4. Back in Google takeout, proceed to Step 2 – Verify your destination account. After pasting the code you get to step 3, where you can choose if you want Google Drive, Gmail or both transferred.

If you choose Google Drive:

  • It will transfer all the files and folders you own in your ‘My Drive’ section
  • It will transfer all shared files, that you have added to ‘My Drive’
  • However, it will NOT transfer your Google Photos
  • If you want to transfer files that you do not own – make a copy and add it to your ‘My Drive’.
  • Transferring the files will leave all data in your school account untouched – it only copies it – never deleting anything

If you choose Gmail:

  • It will transfer all your emails
  • It will not transfer your contacts and tasks

When will you be good to go?

How long the whole process takes depends on the amount of data you have to copy. It can be up to a week if you have a lot of documents but sit tight; Google will send you an email when you’re all good to go!

Administrators Note:

If you are an administrator, you’re probably wondering how this affects you, and if there is anything you need to do. The short answer is nothing. The default setting is to allow transfers for all domains, however, you have the option to tailor this in your settings. Check out yours here.

If you want more information or run into error messages head over to


If you still have issues or questions give us a buzz at 0800 Dynamo6 or contact us.