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As prepared for working remotely as some businesses are, the current alert status puts us all in uncharted waters with the length of time we’re all going to be working remotely. Current estimates are that it’s for 4-weeks.

We may have all done a day or two working remotely here and there, but most of us have not done this for a much longer-term; so here are some tips:

1. keep to your routine

It’ll feel more normal if you wake up at the same time and get dressed too. Odds are that you’ll likely be able to concentrate better if you stick to the same routine as when you went into the office.

2. just work your normal time

Staying put and working in the same place that you tend to relax in and keeping to your set working hours can be tricky. It’s hard to compartmentalize the two. If you’re not strict with yourself you could end up eating into your precious free time before you know it. Make an effort to keep to your normal hours, take breaks, and if you can don’t work in the same place as you relax.

3. sit properly

As tempting as it is to sit or slump on your sofa, don’t. There’s a reason you have those fancy office chairs, so try and sit on a chair and at a table if you can. Your back will thank you.

4. stay active

You might get up more often than you think during the day at the office. Stretch and exercise often, you’ll feel better for it.

5. keep the chatter

Keep in touch with your team; Slack, email, Hangouts Meet, or even an old fashioned phone call, just stay in touch.

At Dynamo6, we’re running a morning Hangouts Meet team call once a week. All of us join in and take 20 mins or so to have a bit of a natter and find out any about business updates.

6. be kind

With everyone being based at home, background noise and distractions are bound to happen. Remember this gem:

Another unintended consequence of staying in touch more via email or messaging apps can be that your tone of voice may not come across in the best way or general miscommunication can happen.

Always assume the best of intentions and be forgiving.

want some recommendations on tools?

If you want to understand the office and communication tools that we use as a team or that we’d recommend, head over to this blog to learn more.

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