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The Tauranga Crossing website is the digital extension of the destination. It offers access to their stores, eateries and what’s on through an intuitive user experience.

Snapshot of the project

Tauranga Crossing is the best spot in ‘The Bay’ to shop, eat and play. From international and local brands to unique eateries alongside the perfect entertainment mix. While business takes place in the mall, the website forms a key part of the customer journey.

Tauranga Crossing reached out to Dynamo6 to deliver a website that would not only equal the destination but would allow for scale and innovation to match the mall's future plans. Weaved within this was the desire to unpick exactly what their customers required from a digital experience.

With unbreakable AWS cloud infrastructure in place and a CMS capable of handling daily and future demands, Tauranga Crossing now has the ideal website for themselves and their customers.

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A deeper understanding

Dynamo6 worked closely with Tauranga Crossing to review existing customer research and complete competitive benchmarking. From this, user pain points and goals were defined as well as insight gained on industry best practice.

Key user journeys were discussed and whiteboarded in person which led to live low fidelity prototyping. This informed the information architecture, navigation, and wireframes.

The web design process was managed by Dynamo6 and in conjunction with the UX components, Tauranga Crossing’s brand really came to life within the digital realm, offering their customers the perfect Tauranga Crossing digital experience.

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Clever web development

Dynamo6’s developers took care of the custom WordPress and front-end web development. Within the build there were some custom functional pieces:

  • Indoor mapping of the mall and supporting services
  • API driven event feed for live movie information
  • Custom store data points
  • Sitewide search box for destination and promotions

WordPress was selected for its open-source nature as well as content management prowess and Mapplic utilised for its cost-effective interactive mapping capabilities. AWS provides a robust infrastructure that in conjunction with its CloudFront CDN handles any demand thrown at it while maintaining website speed.

I’ve known Dynamo6 for a long time and I was aware of their capabilities and ability to create beautiful, highly functional websites.

As a marketing team of one going through a shopping centre development, I needed this website to be quite responsive and have the capability to update in the background, without having to upload all the content myself.

That’s what I now have. Tauranga Crossing can put its best foot forward and be available at all times. It’s now just as easy to browse our stores online as it is to visit the centre.

Jess Handley - Marketing Manager - Tauranga Crossing
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The ideal digital experience

Tauranga Crossing’s new website delivers a top-notch user experience which industry peers look to for inspiration. Key project outcomes include:

  • A website which brings Tauranga Crossing’s brand and offering to life
  • A powerful marketing asset to promote the destination
  • Visitor time on the website doubled from 1.06 to 2.14 minutes (101%)
  • The average number of web pages viewed grew from 1.88 to 3.44 (83%)

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