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More and more small and medium-sized businesses are shifting from on-premise deployments to cloud-based solutions. Understanding the opportunity your business could realise from the cloud can help to power your digital transformation efforts.

results seen with Google Cloud Platform

As small and medium businesses (SMBs) look to adopt cloud technologies, customers using the Google Cloud Platform are seeing improved performance, reliability, and scalability on a platform that’s both cost-effective and efficient to operate.

To help you in your decision making, we’re offering you a free report produced by the wonderful people at IDG sponsored by Google Cloud.

In this IDC whitepaper, you will learn how small and medium businesses can leverage Google Cloud Platform to accelerate business growth through increased productivity and scalability while achieving greater cost efficiencies.

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Image courtesy of Google Cloud’s IDG study blog.

a sneak peak

As a bit of a sneak peek of some of the insights Inside, the IDC’s research found that small and medium-sized businesses saw:

  • 222% return on investment (ROI) over three years
  • 36% lower costs of operations over three years
  • 8 months to see payback on the technology investment
  • 41% more efficient IT teams
  • 26% cost reduction in IT infrastructure
  • 19% increase in developer productivity

lowering IT operation costs

A good reason to consider Google Cloud is that SMBs who run their operations through Google Cloud Platform saw an average lower IT infrastructure cost of 26%. One business user of the platform stated it cost them ~15% less than other providers to utilise serverless computing and VMs (virtual machines).

Google Cloud Platform costs less because it has a lot of serverless features that are cheaper than the other cloud platforms we considered... We run and then destroy VMs on a regular basis, so serverless saves us money and this was one of the factors. Google Cloud Platform costs about 15% less than the others.

Roberto Gaziola Junior, Chief Technology Officer, GESTO

Take a deeper look through the whitepaper and see how your SMB could see improvements in its productivity and realise cost efficiencies with Google Cloud Platform.

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wanting more cloud-based goodness?

We hope you find the whitepaper helpful. If you’re thinking about going cloud and want some help, check out our Cloud Adoption Workshop or learn about our cloud consulting services.

about the research

The research was carried out in June 2020, interviewing organisations worldwide across financial, software, health, insurance, and technology verticals. All organisations interviewed for the research have fewer than 90 employees. The research is sponsored by Google Cloud.


Quote Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Google Cloud, The Business Value of Improved Performance and Efficiency with Google Cloud Platform, Doc #US46610620, July 2020.

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