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Moving from pilot to organisational change is hard. But the most successful organisations have mastered this, getting more value, reducing costs, and growing market share. So just what are the key behaviours and areas that result in scaling digital value?

digital transformation success

Embedding a successful pilot and organisational changes is hard. But the ability to quickly scale digital solutions is a key differentiator to an organisation that realises the value of digital transformation programs to those that don’t.

In fact, over the last two years, leading organisations gained three times higher ROI from their digital initiatives, between 15 and 20% revenue growth, as well as between 15 and 20% cost savings.

So, what sets those organisations apart?

To answer that, the clever folk at Boston Consulting Group researched the key behaviours of cloud-native leaders to cloud-native laggards.

areas explored in this report

The key themes in the report to scale digital value and become a digital leader are:

  • Start at the top - align the full C-Suite with a digital vision and roadmap. Ensure commitment, collaboration, and accountability too. 
  • Develop the capabilities - build a team of skilled people - whether through hiring or reskilling - to make use of cloud technologies and data.
  • Always on - being a leader means driving continuous programs to transform. There’s always a disruption, competitor or new tech advancement to capitalise on.

The report is based on the responses of around 2,000 companies. It provides a wide perspective, capturing insights from organisations across 18 countries.

laggard or leader?

The analysis in the report identifies that around 30% of organisational leaders currently fall within the Digital Leader segment. Some inhibiting factors are identified between leaders and laggards, such as:

  1. Many organisations pick too many limited-value solutions to scale.
  2. Other organisations are being locked in by technology choices or by data silos, all of which hinder their ability to scale.

But by following the key areas identified in the report, there’s no reason why EVERY organisation can’t become fully digitally enabled. Take the next step by requesting your copy to learn more about scaling digital value.

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next steps?

And when you’re ready to learn more, the team at Dynamo6 can help you with your transformation roadmap, starting with strategy and covering implementation and further programs to help you realise value.

This report was commissioned by Google Cloud. This report is shared with permission as a Google Cloud partner.

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