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Stay ahead of the game with the latest insights on the global cyber threat landscape. The 2023 Global Threat Report from CrowdStrike, available now, provides valuable information for businesses and security professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve.

The 2023 Global Threat Report from CrowdStrike paints a vivid picture of the cyber threat landscape, which has grown even more explosive, adaptive and damaging in the past year. Adversaries remain persistent and relentless, and their tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

newly named adversaries

This year's Global Threat Report report delves into notable themes, trends and events that have shaped the threat landscape, including the emergence of newly named adversaries. In fact, last year CrowdStrike analysts identified 21 new adversaries, and it’s anticipated that number could rise even higher in 2023.

average eCrime breakout time

Another trend explored in the report is the average eCrime breakout time, which is a measure of how quickly adversaries can breach a system once they gain access. In 2022, the average breakout time was just 1 hour and 38 minutes - a shockingly short window for defenders to identify and respond to an attack. Will adversaries become even faster and more efficient this year?

cloud exploitation trends

Finally, the report examines the increasing exploitation of cloud services by threat actors. This was a major trend in 2022, as adversaries took advantage of the growing use of cloud infrastructure and services. Has this trend continued, or have businesses found new ways to secure their cloud environments?

in summary

Overall, the 2023 Global Threat Report from CrowdStrike, presented by Dynamo6, provides valuable insights for businesses and security professionals who are looking to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. From identifying new adversaries to improving incident response times, there are many important takeaways to be found in this year's report.

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