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Live in Auckland, we recently hosted an event to share insights and challenges businesses are facing in preventing, detecting and responding to cyber threats. Consider it, a hitchhiker's guide to a more secure digital future.

At our recent cybersecurity event, aptly named 'Don't Panic' in homage to Douglas Adams, we tackled the fear-mongering surrounding the topic. To do that, Team D6 ran through the challenges we’re seeing in the market and shared some of the key insights security and business leaders need to be aware of.

We also invited our security partner CrowdStrike to share with us how they tackle cybersecurity threats. Excitingly, we heard from one of their real-life threat intelligence managers!

The 6 challenges we’re seeing

Team D6 summarised the six critical challenges we’re seeing in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Here they are:

  • Complex Attacks - The emergence of new threats and attack vectors requires organisations to maintain round-the-clock vigilance to safeguard their digital assets.
  • Skills Shortages - Globally, there is a significant shortage of trained and experienced cybersecurity professionals, exacerbating vulnerabilities within organisations.
  • Missing Responses - Gaps in security coverage and ineffective response processes can leave organisations exposed and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alerts.
  • Market Confusion - The cybersecurity market is confusing. There’s a multitude of cybersecurity offerings with overlapping features and gaps in coverage has made it challenging for organisations to choose the right tools without incurring excessive costs.
  • Broken SOC and MSSP Models - Many organisations struggle with issues such as inadequate visibility, incomplete threat coverage, slow detection, and inefficient responses within their Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) arrangements.
  • Rising Costs  - The proliferation of multiple licences and duplicated service charges has led to escalating cybersecurity costs.

AI: A force for good… and bad

The discussion then delved into the dual nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity—how it can be a potent force for both good and evil. AI-driven tools and techniques have the potential to enhance security measures, but they can also be exploited by malicious actors to develop sophisticated cyber threats.


Leading nicely into CrowdStrike Falcon

To illustrate the positive side of AI in cybersecurity, CrowdStrike Falcon was spotlighted as an exemplary solution for using AI for good. CrowdStrike Falcon leverages AI intelligence to power its detection and response capabilities, enabling organisations to proactively defend against cyber threats. This addresses the mentioned challenges of skills shortages and complex and round-the-clock attacks.

Additional ways that CrowdSrike offers wide coverage, mitigating the multiple licences and market-confusion challenges as well as the approach of “single responsibility” the organisation holds for monitoring and remediation, helping to tackle some of the slowness and overall weaknesses in remediating issues seen in some SOC or MSSP models.

That’s a wrap

The event highlighted the pressing challenges in the cybersecurity landscape and underscored the pivotal role AI technologies can play in safeguarding organisations from evolving threats. CrowdStrike Falcon serves as one compelling example of harnessing AI to strengthen cybersecurity detection and response.

For further consideration of your IT security, reach out to the team at Dynamo6 or take a look at our cybersecurity services.

With thanks

Thank you to all our guests who hitchhiked their way to our event, as well as our amazing speakers Graeme Bailey and Shaun Coutts, our event partners at team CrowdStrike, and our wonderful venue hosts, the crew at Garage Project.

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