Let us supercharge your business with stable and scalable cloud infrastructure. We'll get a careful understanding of your goals and existing tech stack. And then we’ll help you to make the right choices and ensure the change is frictionless.


laying the foundations

cloud adoption

We’re enablers. Cloud enablement is our jam. We’ll empower your company with cloud solutions. Our cloud consulting team will help you to understand the cost benefits, define your business objectives, and help you into cloud success.

cloud consulting


constructing the new

cloud migration

Whether Google Cloud or AWS, architecting a best-practice environment that meets your exact needs in performance, redundancy, and security, isn’t something to leave to just anyone. Our team are internationally recognised experts. They will make sure your shiny new environment does everything it needs and nothing it shouldn’t.

  • Architecture and solution design
  • Migration and implementation

giving it a new life

application modernization

If you’ve made a lift and shift journey into the cloud and now you want to start updating things, reducing legacy headaches and gaining more cloudy benefits. We’re your people. 

  • Refactoring
  • Replatforming

keeping it in tip-top shape

managed cloud services

If you’d like us to keep watch over your infrastructure we’ve got you covered. Our wonderful team of cloud engineers will keep things in great shape, ensuring best practices are applied and ongoing tweaks are sorted.

  • Cost, config, access and identity management
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring and scheduled maintenance services
  • Managed AWS and Google Cloud platform billing

managed cloud services 


protecting the kingdom

cloud security monitoring

We’ve teamed up with the awesome security people CrowdStrike, to protect your cloud workloads from intruders and threats. We provide licensing-only or managed security monitoring services to help you stay on top of the alerts and changing threat landscape.

  • CrowdStrike licencing only for cloud workload protection
  • Cloud risk assessment to check the configuration and access health of your AWS and Google Cloud environments
  • Cloud Protect - a managed cloud workload protection service - powered by CrowdStrike, delivered by us

through the looking-glass

cloud review

Occasionally you want to simply sanity check what you’ve done and that’s where we come in. We will independently review your cloud set-up to check all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. We can also help you to leverage more benefits from your existing setup.

  • Identity, security and best practice check-up on AWS or Google Cloud
  • Environment and billing optimization
  • Technology strategy services

keeping things online

web app hosting

We’ve created a robust cloud-based hosting environment perfect for hosting your open source web apps. We take care of the load-balancing and security to keep your digital assets running.

  • Dedicated and shared hosting options available
  • Staging and testing environments available
  • Compatible with Silverstripe and WordPress, plus many others
  • Digital and development support services available
  • Patching and security service options available

our cloud partnerships

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