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About the assessment

Our comprehensive infrastructure assessment, powered by StratoZone, provides a roadmap for your successful cloud adoption or migration to Google Cloud. We'll analyse your current infrastructure, identify optimisation opportunities, and map your assets to the ideal Google Cloud solutions.

Throughout the process, our team of cloud experts will collaborate with you to define your goals and develop a strategic roadmap for success. The roadmap includes a pilot Google Cloud cloud migration proposal, detailing consumption plans, estimated timelines and a migration cost breakdown.

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What you get

  • Detailed infrastructure analysis - We utilise industry-leading tools to automatically discover and profile your IT environment, providing insights into asset details, configuration, and performance.
  • Cloud optimisation and right-sizing - We analyse your current infrastructure and recommend optimal Google Cloud solutions to streamline resource usage and maximise cost savings.
  • Financial transparency - Our cloud TCO-ROI analysis compares your on-premises costs with projected Google Cloud expenses, providing a picture of the potential return on investment.
  • Database migration planning - We identify your database footprint and suggest the most suitable Google Cloud database solutions for seamless migration.
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Reasons to consider

Our Google Cloud infrastructure assessment can help support you to gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and achieve a successful cloud adoption or migration strategy. The endgame of the assessment is to support you to:

  • Optimise costs - By rightsizing your infrastructure and identifying potential cost savings with Google Cloud.
  • Improve scalability - By taking advantage of the cloud's on-demand resources to adapt to your business needs.
  • Enhance security & performance - By leveraging Google Cloud's robust security infrastructure and high-performance computing capabilities.

Why Dynamo6

We’re a fresh-thinking and independent tech company. Since being founded in 2012, we’ve developed a name for ourselves in cloud services and hold expertise with Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Our wonderful team of seasoned cloud architects and professionals will be on hand for your infrastructure assessment to support your cloud journey.

And just so you know… if you’re ever thinking about building and designing products, websites, apps or software, we do that just as awesomely.

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