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MS office flaw leaves opening for attacks

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Two major cyber-security firms (McAfee and FireEye) have recently confirmed attacks have been made, by exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft office. The attackers have been able to execute code and install malware without the user being aware of this.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and it is likely that a patch will be released Wednesday (NZ time). Until a patch is released we strongly recommend following these precautions:

  • Do not open any office file that you aren’t completely sure came from a trusted source
  • Use “Protected View” to open your document:
    • Click File > Open
    • In the pop up that opens select your file
    • Just beside the Open button is an arrow, click this arrow
    • From the list choose Open in Protected View

If you have questions or concerns about your IT environments security you can contact the Dynamo6 team for assistance.