Don't Panic!

A cyber security event

Forget the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Dynamo6 and CrowdStrike have partnered up and are hosting an event to talk cybersecurity.

Garage Project, Kingsland

3pm to 5pm, 7th September, 2023

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* Carrying a towel is optional

what’s happening

We'll dish out ways to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats in a 20-minute talk. And just so you won’t want to gnaw off one of your legs, we’ll follow up with an hour or so of networking with nibbles and a beer tasting on us.

who and why attend

This event is for security, IT, and business leaders. The answer won’t be 42, but you also won’t require a Deep Thought computer to get usable insights on cybersecurity during this event.

is time an illusion?

Who can say, but anyway this event has been and gone. Instead, dive into our Don’t Panic! A cybersecurity event round-up for the key things we learned.


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