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Cloud Business Intelligence

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What is BI?

No doubt about it, Business Intelligence (BI) is the hot new topic on the IT block. Making the right information accessible is the key, as nobody has the time to sift through Terabytes of unfiltered data. The big attraction: once the right data is presented appropriately you will have unprecedented visibility of your business performance metrics and the ability to model scenarios, ultimately enabling you to make better decisions based on reliable data.

The Problem

There are however a few barriers making BI impractical for businesses. Some report that the cost and sheer complexity required to set up BI is daunting with the demands of provisioning new server resources, the cost of licensing and establishment of systems such as a data warehouse, Cubes and BI applications. Many organisations have data in separate information silos and applications, for example financial information in one database, client information in a second database, and operations data in a third. To add to the problem, many applications now run from the cloud. It is increasingly difficult to have a “single source of truth” with up to date information in one central place.

The Solution

At Dynamo6 we solve this with modern cloud BI tools that easily interface with any existing application database or data source regardless of location, process the information in the cloud and present your information real-time in a digital dashboard, verbose report, secure intranet, mobile app, etc. This means we can now deliver faster, tailored high value BI solutions to drive your business without the expensive infrastructure burden.

Talk to us about Cloud BI. See how your marketing efforts are tracking across different digital channels, compare against sales results and see real data on the performance of your teams. Accurately model and predict financial performance based on different scenarios.

Transform the way you make business decisions using cloud business intelligence.