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Digital EngagementCase Study

"They listened to what we wanted, provided the solution we wanted, but not only that, they also gave us a future view."

Making data more personal for Tainui

The Tainui Iwi wanted to collect information from its people, communicate about events and issues, and get real feedback – not just statistics. Every decision required information and input from their people, but with over sixty thousand members spread across 68 marae and 33 hapu, this wasn’t an easy task. To do that they needed a tool that could be accessed via personal mobile devices, while offering offline data collection and automatic syncing of information.


benefits forWaikato Tainui

Ability to communicate with members and gather detailed data

Offline access and automatic syncing

Future proofing, so app can be adapted as technology and requirements change


Making communication count

The Iwi approached Dynamo6 for a solution – and Tainui Business Development Analyst Karleen Turner Puriri says, they were more than happy with our response. Tainui now have an mobile app that helps them communicate with their people, young and old, in cities or remote rural areas.

Before working with Dynamo6, Tainui were using an older survey provider, but the technology was limiting. Karleen Turner Puriri explains: “For example, we ran a housing survey – we’d identified that our tribe was over-represented in certain areas, low in home ownership, and high in renters. We had the census statistics, but we really wanted to talk directly, to hear from them, to validate what we were thinking.” The older system also wasn’t accessible on mobile devices, which meant many younger members of the Iwi weren’t using it. If Tainui wanted to hear from the younger generation, they needed to be available on mobile. Turner Puriri says “That’s how young people communicate these days.”

Now with Dynamo6, Tainui are able to communicate with everyone in the Iwi. They have the technology to connect with members and collect detailed, personalised data. Their app is mobile-accessible, and can also be used offline to collect information in remote areas. This then syncs with the system when internet connectivity is next available.

“What I liked about them is that they came up with this amazing solution upfront, but we weren’t really ready for that. They were able to downsize it, but we’ve got the flexibility to work towards that bigger goal.”

Karleen Turner-Puriri,
Business Development Analyst


Fit for the future

After just six weeks of development, Tainui’s brand new app was completed and ready – just in time for a major hui. But that was phase one – Tainui see this as an ongoing project, with the app evolving along with the constantly shifting technology and demographics.

As Karleen Turner Puriri says, Dynamo6 is prepared for future change: “They’re more future focused; Dynamo6 says, ‘this is what you’ve got now, here are the opportunities in the future.’ Maybe it’s not a requirement that we need right now, but when we’re ready, we can make it bigger and better, without having to reinvent the wheel.”

This future proofing approach means Tainui won’t need to find a new provider or invest in a new solution for some time. With our help, they’re able to make minor adjustments and upgrades regularly, so the app is constantly evolving. Karleen also appreciated the team’s dynamic approach in the testing phase. “When you go to testing there are things you haven’t thought about. They gave us good solutions for things that came up.”

Tainui are positive about the future, and about a continuing working relationship with Dynamo6.

“I’d definitely recommend them. They’re really easy to work with – they’re great. They listened to what we wanted, provided the solution we wanted, but not only that, they also gave us a future view.”

Karleen Turner-Puriri,