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Upgrading without downtimeCase Study

"They don’t just sell and forget until you have a problem. They’re on hand to help. They understand our business and our needs."

Upgrading without downtime

When you’re in the security business, reliable robust IT is essential. But upgrading isn’t always easy – when you’re offering clients 24/7 security services, you can’t simply switch your computers off for a couple of hours.


benefits forWaikato Security Services

State of the art network for faster, more efficient work

Reliable, resilient system with safeguards against hardware failure

Zero downtime during upgrades

Future-proofed system which can move to the cloud when required


Mission Critical systems

Waikato Security Services needed to refresh their technology without putting clients at risk. CEO Chris Mangan says they chose Dynamo6 because they knew we could offer them the service they needed. The company monitors alarms, critical alarms, health and safety devices, and personal security devices.

“We don’t turn the business off at 5:30 on a Friday and switch it back on 8 o’clock Monday. We have to be responsive and that’s the same level of service we need from our suppliers.”

Chris Mangan,


Network needs

Dynamo6 was able to give WSS a full refresh of their network – with zero downtime. We replaced their servers, addressed new network requirements, and re-engineered the network without disrupting the business at all.

They now have a system they can rely on, with inbuilt resiliency. This means they won’t lose service if they experience any form of hardware failure in the future. For a business where going offline can mean damage to property, injury, or even death, that’s critical.

“Downtime is not an option – we don’t even think about it – and the systems Dynamo6 helped us developed are such that we can switch to a backup when we need to.”

Chris Mangan,


Future focus

Waikato Security Services is now operating with state of the art infrastructure. But that’s not going to last forever. Dynamo6 has ensured that they’re future-proofed, so they’ll be able to move towards cloud-based systems in the future.

Better yet, they know who to turn to for a zero-downtime upgrade whenever they need one. According to Chris Mangan, this relationship will continue as the business grows.

“We like working with Dynamo6. It’s a case of having confidence in them. That’s really important. We bring them in on a lot of projects, and they’re always on hand to give good advice at the right time. They don’t just sell and forget until you have a problem. They’re on hand to help. They understand our business and our needs. They know how things will impact our business.”

Chris Mangan,