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New websiteCase Study

Planning, execution, attention to detail - means a great result for the Ruakura team.

Web development for NZ’s largest land development

Ruakura is a work in progress. When complete, it will be New Zealand’s largest commercial and lifestyle development, with an extensive commercial zone, logistics and distribution hub, employing up to 12,000 people. The Ruakura team needed to promote the project to investors, companies and potential residents. They decided that the current website was due for an upgrade, and selected Dynamo6 to do the job. Jared Hatwell, Ruakura’s Project Coordinator, explains why: “They identified our needs and wants really well, and did a good job of showcasing the websites they’ve done: modern, crisp, and good looking websites – and they were very well priced.”


benefits forRuakura development

Assistance with the planning process

Highly functional, modern attractive website

Troubleshooting - Dynamo6 on hand to assist with future issues


Wants, needs and problems

The Dynamo6 team worked with Ruakura to develop a detailed plan for the new website. Combining Dynamo6’s skills and experience in web development with the Ruakura team’s knowledge of their own project meant priorities and issues were addressed quickly.

Dynamo6 were able to explain why certain features would (or wouldn’t) work, set expectations, and offer alternative solutions where needed. Jared says Dynamo6 gave the Ruakura team an invaluable expert perspective. “At some points, they said ‘No, let’s not do that because of this…’ and so on. They would come back with a reason. Not just a ‘No’ but, ‘doing this will have that effect.’”

“It was great to see how quickly they picked up on what we were after. They really listened to what we wanted.”

Jared Hatwell,
Project Co-ordinator


Getting down to details

The Ruakura website is now clean, crisp and professional. It includes features such as interactive maps and embedded video. Because it’s responsive, it is attractive and easy to use on phones, tablets, laptops – almost any type of device. The Ruakura team say they receive frequent positive feedback about the new site and report that their staff are happy with it too.

“Comparing the old website to it, it’s a million times better. It was all done on time and within budget too – so, very happy about that.”

Jared Hatwell,
Project Co-ordinator


Expert help, great results

Planning, execution, attention to detail – it all adds up to a great result for the Ruakura team. They now have a functional, beautiful website that works for them and they know that Dynamo6 will be there to help if anything goes wrong. In fact, they say working with Dynamo6 has given them higher expectations of other companies.

“Working with Igor and Al on the project was a really good experience and a real eye opener about how companies who are running new projects should work - they made it really simple to use them. A pain free experience. Without a shadow of a doubt I’d recommend Dynamo6 to other businesses. I wouldn’t even need to think about it.”

Jared Hatwell,
Project Co-ordinator