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New school, modern ICTCase Study

With an entire system that is cloud-based, Endeavour school has a robust data environment but no server hardware to replace or maintain.

New school, modern ICT

Building a brand new school is a big job – designing buildings, sourcing equipment, hiring staff, and these days, creating an ICT environment. The management team of North Hamilton’s Endeavour School chose Dynamo6 to guide, support and create an effective ICT platform for their staff and students.


Benefits forEndeavour School

Cloud-based network means they can access their work from anywhere

Easy collaboration through Google Apps for Education

Robust storage and data management

No physical servers, so costs are lower


Cloud first, build later

As a brand new school with a modern teaching philosophy, Endeavour school didn’t want to be held back by traditional servers and legacy IT restrictions. Dynamo6’s focus on the cloud made us a perfect match.

We set up the entire ICT environment before the school buildings even existed. This meant school leaders were able to access their new system while they were working from a temporary site at another school. When they finally moved into the Endeavour school premises, they simply continued using the same system. This made at least one part of the set up process simple and straightforward.

“For us the main thing was that the cloud allows you to work anywhere any time, so in our initial stages of planning when we didn’t have a base, our staff were able to work effectively together in a secure virtual environment. There were lots of different things that needed to be pulled together. Having everyone able to contribute and see what was going on in realtime was really valuable for us.”

Marcus Freke,


Collaborating in the cloud

Endeavour’s new system uses Google Apps for Education. This platform was chosen because it’s simple, effective, and collaborative. In an education context these requirements are paramount.

Teaching and management staff use Google Apps to collaborate on planning, policy and even managing the school calendar. It lets them complete work from wherever they are, without old restrictions and methods such as emailing numerous documents to each other. It also provides an unlimited environment for storing and managing the vast amounts of data generated by staff and students.

“Collaboration is one of our four signature features at the school and underpins how we operate. So it was very, very important that we were able to collaborate in terms of administration and staff as well as the students. And Google Apps is perfect for that.”

Marcus Freke,


Starting school

Dynamo6 supported Endeavour school throughout the whole process of establishing their ICT. Now that the school is open, the Dynamo6 team remains available for troubleshooting, upgrades and support when needed.

Because the entire system is cloud-based, the school has a robust data environment but no server hardware to replace or maintain. This means costs are significantly lower than they would be with a traditional IT setup. It’s about giving management, staff and students the right tools they need to move forward without restriction.

“It’s reduced the amount of time we spend on preparation for meetings with the board of trustees and the PTA. Also everyone is well informed about what is happening and can contribute to the communication process. We are saving money on printing costs too, because it’s all there in the cloud, we don’t need hard copies of minutes or agendas anymore. And in terms of the students, all their notices, homework and class assignments are right there for them to access at home with their parents or at school.”

Marcus Freke,