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Moving to the cloudCase Study

"Work processes are easier to manage, data is easier to find, and we can complete work anywhere, anytime."

Complex needs, simple solutions

You might not expect a church to have complex IT needs – but that’s exactly what brought Hamilton’s Catholic Diocese and Dynamo6 together. The Diocese had been working from an onsite server and needed to upgrade their system to something more agile. Working with Dynamo6, they decided that traditional IT was too expensive and unreliable for their needs and that moving to a cloud-based platform made more sense.


benefits forcatholic diocese

Reliable storage and access to data

Faster, more effective work processes through G Suite

Lower costs for infrastructure and maintenance

Flexible functionality as needs change


Moving to the cloud

For Dynamo6 the first job was to figure out which cloud platform would meet the needs of staff at the Diocese. After a consulting process, we selected Google Apps as the ideal system for them, thanks to its simplicity, high level of security, and flexible functionality.

The next step was migration – moving a vast amount of data, email, and processes to the new platform. Dynamo6 managed this process, making sure it went smoothly and quickly, with minimal disruption to the work of the Diocese.


Great results

With email, data and work processes now in Google Apps, staff at the Catholic Diocese now work in a completely different way. Their work processes are easier to manage, data is easier to find, and they can complete work anywhere, anytime.

The tools available in Google apps – which help people collaborate on projects, share work, and manage storage – have made it easier to manage the workload at the Diocese, getting things done more quickly and accurately. This is particularly valuable for an organisation which relies on volunteers a lot of the time.

Crucially, moving to Google Apps has also helped reduce costs for the Diocese. Because they no longer have to fund and maintain an onsite server, their overall IT costs are lower. And because they’re now working with a major global brand like Google, their IT is also more reliable. That’s a major advantage for a not-for-profit organisation.