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Reliable infrastructureCase Study

"They're always looking to future proof us... Dynamo6 give you a solid solution, that we can build onto as we go along.”

Upgrading infrastructure at Carmel College

Carmel College is a Catholic Girls’ School on Auckland’s North Shore. Established in 1957 with a roll of just 15, the school has grown to around 1000 students. Like any large educational institution, Carmel College has quite complex IT needs. They have a number of computer suites and labs, personalised logins for all 1000 students, and a vast amount of data to store and manage.


Benefits forCarmel College

Faster, more reliable network

Seamless integration with Google Apps for Education

Reduced server costs

Ability to increasingly move data to the cloud


Infrastructure Upgrade

The college’s on-site servers were outdated and slow, which meant they weren’t able to meet the needs of staff or students. A previous project upgrading servers had left the school more than a little gun shy. Carmel’s principal Ms Chris Allen called it “a complete and utter disaster.” It was eight to ten months before stability was resumed.

Dynamo6 was brought in because Ms Allen knows they have “the clients’ needs at the forefront.” The project involved upgrading all servers and also preparing for a gradual migration to the cloud. This approach gave the school something to work with in the short term, while also making sure the system would continue to meet their needs without disruptive change.

“They also came up with innovative ideas to arrive at the solution. They say ‘Tell me what you want to achieve and we’ll spec something for you.’ They always come back with something a little bit more than I could envision.”

Chris Allen,


Upgrading without disrupting

Ms Allen says Dynamo6’s proven experience in working with complex on-premise networks, combined with their specialist knowledge of cloud systems made them the obvious choice. It’s this expertise that enabled them to design and build an effective and affordable solution for the college in a very short timeframe.

To help the school get a few more years out of their current system, they installed a Virtual Host and DR solution, and then integrated systems with Google Apps. Dynamo6 reinstalled the entire network including all client machines, in just two weeks, which meant minimal disruption to students and staff. Ms. Allen says she was impressed with the delivered project.

“They're always looking to future proof us. Tech changes so quickly. Dynamo6 won’t give you an old solution, but what they’ll do is give you a solid solution, that we can build onto as we go along.”

Chris Allen,


Future proof

Since the upgrade, students and staff at Carmel College now have a faster, more reliable network. They’ve started using the Google Apps environment, and will transition more to this environment over the next few years. The ultimate goal is to reduce the use of the on-site server and eventually move resources to the cloud entirely.

Dynamo6 carefully managed the upgrade to make future development projects leaner and more simple – the school won’t need to undertake any major IT work for some time. It’s about making change easy, effective and affordable for an organisation that doesn’t have time or cash to spare. Ms Allen also sees Dynamo6 engineer’s people skills as a critical part of the work they do.

“Dynamo6 work with people really, really well. They’re able to explain the technology to people – me, the staff, my board – making it comprehensible.”

Chris Allen,