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Going DigitalCase Study

"It’s a great example of what Dynamo6 does - we’re not interested in technology for the sake of it; we just want to find ways to make it work for our clients"

Smart technology for savvy shoppers

The Base is New Zealand’s largest shopping centre, with over 200 retailers and food outlets spread across more that 87,000 square metres. That’s a lot of stores, staff members and customers to keep track of every day. So The Base marketing team turned to Dynamo6 for help. By installing a smart, cloud-based WiFi network and building a new, dynamic website, we have made it easier for management to gather information about their customers, and for the customers to find out what they need to know about The Base when they visit. It’s about using smart technology that makes people’s lives easier.

Benefits forThe Base

Real time data about customers available right now with digital dashboards

Fast, reliable wifi access for customers

Website with indoor maps linking 200+ stores

Constantly updated content and store promotions


Not your average wifi

At The Base, the wireless network isn’t just about providing free internet to customers. Their smart, cloud-based WiFi network, designed and installed by Dynamo6, collects information about shoppers in real time. It also works strategically to motivate people to linger in certain parts of the mall.

The Base’s Angela Young explains: “We have an area called The Cube, which has food and dining around it. We wanted to encourage people to stay and enjoy the space. Looking at the data, we were seeing a lot of people looking at their phone. We thought adding WiFi could increase that dwell time.”

The WiFi network gathers anonymous statistical information about shoppers’ behaviour across the shopping centre – including the length of visits, the number of shoppers, the type of phone each customer is using, and where they are shopping – and presents it to management in a simple digital dashboard form.

This information is used for targeted advertising – if a shopper frequently visits one type of store, they receive ads for similar shops in the mall. It’s also valuable information for centre management and individual stores, helping them make better decisions around staffing levels, promotions, and security.

“The results have been really favourable. The more people get to know about it, and enjoy the free wifi, it’s going really well. Not been anyone abusing it – people have just been making good use of it. We’re really happy with it.”

Angela Young,
Marketing Manager


A website that works

After the success of their new WiFi platform, the team asked Dynamo6 to design and build a new website for The Base.

As Angela Young says: “Our website wasn’t up to play and using the right technology: it wasn’t responsive, though lots of people access our site by mobile. It didn’t showcase the centre the way it should have – it was just out of date.”

The Base team worked with Dynamo6 to design and build a new, more functional site. Angela Young says that the team found Dynamo6 easy to work with: “Dynamo6 were great in that process. They gave us examples, we brought things to the table too and we reviewed everything together. It was a very collaborative process, really excellent – I really enjoyed it actually!”

The Base now has a dynamic, continually updated website, which works for staff and customers. The site gives visitors all the information they need about the centre, an ecommerce section for gift cards, and links to websites for almost almost all of its 200 retail stores. Like the WiFi platform, it also collects valuable information about visitors – management can see what people are looking for when they visit, find out which stores are most popular, and find out how long people spend on the site.
In the fast moving retail industry, change is constant, which means the website needs to change fairly frequently. To make this simpler, Dynamo6 manages changes to content and design whenever they’re needed.

Because both the WiFi and web platforms are cloud-based, they’re optimised for adaptability throughout changing needs and growth at the centre.

“It’s a great example of what Dynamo6 does - we’re not interested in technology for the sake of it; we just want to find ways to make it work for our clients. At The Base, it’s making a real difference to real people every day.”

Angela Young,
Marketing Manager