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Work in the future, today

Work is no longer a place we go, it is what we do. Modern business is no longer confined to the office alone. Mobile work is a rapidly increasing trend, thanks to…

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What is Cloud Computing?

People often ask us, so what is Cloud Computing? Let’s keep it simple and start with the applications that are required to run your business. Applications such as Email, Accounting, Customer…

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The Zero Moment of Truth

When customers talk to us about designing and developing an online solution, we always like to start from the digital strategy first. At Dynamo6 we believe in something that Google…

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The story behind the Dynamo6 name

Back in February 2012, after many hours and days of thinking, looking up domain names and many ‘post it’ notes on the wall later, Dynamo6 stuck the most with us.…

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How Dynamo6 started

Today we are amidst a major change in technology with the emergence of cloud computing, mobile devices and apps, mobile broadband, and social media. This is changing both business and…

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