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The AppleID Problem in Schools

Users with an iPad or iPhone have to tolerate the requirement to enter their AppleID credentials each time when downloading apps from the AppStore or media content from iTunes. However, for…

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Android for Work

Last week Google announced the Android for Work program. This program assists organisations to bring more devices into work by securing and managing the Android mobile operating system platform. Google…

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What is net neutrality?

Last week some new internet traffic rules for provider companies came into effect in the U.S. around net neutrality: the idea that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally.…

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Note Taking with Google Drive

There is a plethora of great note-taking applications available now for your organisation, with applications like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote currently in the top list. It  becomes a headache if…

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Cloud Business Intelligence

What is BI? No doubt about it, Business Intelligence (BI) is the hot new topic on the IT block. Making the right information accessible is the key, as nobody has…

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