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Android for Work

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Last week Google announced the Android for Work program. This program assists organisations to bring more devices into work by securing and managing the Android mobile operating system platform. Google Apps Mobile Management is now ready to take full advantage of Android for Work.

The Work Profile is additional to the existing Android Sync for Google Apps. As a domain administrator you now have the capability to choose a level of separation that allows user productivity and meets your organisation’s security requirements. There are two types of Work Profiles.

Third-party mobile application distribution – Employees may continue to safely operate Google mobile applications by utilising the account switch already built into the Android operating system. Administrators can provide third-party applications available for download from Google Play for Work.

Separate container – Administrators can allow and whitelist all work-related applications for the Work Profile. Employees download the applications suitable for their role from Google Play for Work.

The Google Play for Work platform provides five main features:

Security and Data Separation – Devices that are deployed via Android for Work will use hardware-based encryption and admin-managed policies to ensure your organisation’s data stays separated and safe.

Support for both personal and organisation provisioned devices – Now users can safely utilise a single Android device for both personal and business use. Organisations can provision devices they own or deploy the work profile to personal devices.

Remote Management – Administrators can now remotely control all data, applications and work-related policies. Administrators can also wipe data from devices without hands on intervention.

Seamless User Experience – Android for Work now delivers a standard operating environment across all devices and allows users to easily switch between work-related and personal applications. Work-related applications are displayed along with personal applications however, work-related applications have icons that clearly distinguish them.

Simplified Application Deployment – Administrators can utilise Google Play to search, whitelist or deploy work-related applications to devices that have been deployed with the Android for Work program.