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Dynamo6 designed and implemented a multi-tenant Wi-Fi network for MADE of Hamilton, providing secure and optimised connections for various businesses and guest Wi-Fi with valuable analytics for Stark Property.

About MADE

MADE of Hamilton, created by Stark Property, is an upscale market and office space, offering a home to a diverse mix of businesses and retail, entertainment and food vendors. At the MADE market, it has brought together one-person traders to larger independent retailers into a bustling community hub. In its office spaces, it has provided a thoughtfully designed space for Hamilton’s businesses to call home.

Project background

During the refurbishment of MADE, Dynamo6 worked with the Stark Property team to design the multi-tenant Wi-Fi for the space. The design caters to the different needs and requirements of its multiple tenants and provides guest Wi-Fi for visitors to the market to enjoy.

made volare entrance

What we did

Pre-construction design

To determine the best location for access points and cabling, predictive Wi-Fi analysis was completed. Using the building plans, and adding in on-site considerations such as where concrete pillars are and wall materials to estimate connection impacts.

These plans were shared with the cabling contractors. This offered guidance on additional cabling for growth across the building and potential future additions, such as smart cameras. Overall the network design allows for optimal signal strength throughout the building and avoids dead zones.

Network segmentation

As there’s a mix of businesses and sole traders in MADE, the network allows for those differing needs. To accommodate this, we created a sub-network structure to segregate public Wi-Fi from tenant networks, enhancing security and privacy.

As a result, there’s a simple way for sole traders to connect their devices and take payments, and for larger businesses, the connection offers a private network with dedicated internet connections to support the various servers and security cameras of the individual businesses.

Guest Wi-Fi configuration

The Stark Property team wanted to offer a guest Wi-Fi network that anyone could connect to without a password. To enable this, we used Splash Access, to provide a customisable sign-in page, whilst also providing authentication and access controls, such as speeds and download allowances, as well as the provision of analytics.

The analytics draw from the access points, providing useful insights such as popular spaces as well as connection duration and repeat visitor information. This allows the team at Stark Property to understand user behaviour as well as optimise network usage to ensure all tenants and guests have a great experience.

Need your own multi-tenant Wi-Fi configuration?

Just like we ensured seamless connectivity for the diverse tenants at MADE of Hamilton, Dynamo6 can design and implement a multi-tenant Wi-Fi solution to meet your specific needs.

Find out more about our Network as a Service solution, Smart Network, or drop us a line to see how we can optimise your network for both security and performance.

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