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Dynamo6 has partnered with JumpCloud to offer a market-leading cloud directory service to manage your modern workplace’s identity, access, and device needs.

Days of old

Gone are the days of fixed desktops and confined workspaces. Today's work spans the cloud, with diverse systems and apps, giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere. But for IT, this freedom means a maze of devices to manage and secure across various locations and access levels.

The old solution, Active Directory emerged for an era of on-site work but adapting Active Directory to our modern landscape has become increasingly challenging and costly. The solution to this is a cloud directory.

What is a cloud directory?

A cloud directory is a new-generation identity and access management platform. It is a shift in identity management providing cross-platform, SaaS-based, and secure-by-design services. A cloud directory seamlessly connects users to a myriad of resources, from systems and applications to networks and file servers, regardless of location or provider.1

About JumpCloud

JumpCloud offers a market-leading cloud directory solution.2 It provides full control and visibility over access, identities, and devices for IT administrators, enabling secure access to IT resources to be granted quickly. Device location and operating systems are no problem, nor is a legacy platform or hybrid environment.

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Benefits of JumpCloud

Through JumpCloud, identity and access management is easily monitored and managed via a single portal. User identities are integrated into the IT resources people use, such as their devices, applications, networks, and files. This provides IT admins with the ability to easily monitor activity and prevent access from falling into the wrong hands.

JumpCloud equips IT admins to:

  • Log on to any device, from anywhere
  • Use single sign-on across your environment’s applications
  • Quickly onboard employees with the right permissions
  • Quickly offboard employees with the click of a button

Overall, JumpCloud enables small and medium-sized organisations to adopt zero-trust security models. It creates an additional layer of protection against cybersecurity threats.

The partnership

There are several reasons we’ve decided to partner with JumpCloud and the benefits it can bring to organizations. For example, IT admins only need to use one system to manage identity, access, and devices. JumpCloud streamlines and automates onboarding and offboarding; reducing IT overhead and enabling you to do more with less; and do it quicker.

Resultingly, this reduces cost. The additional consolidation opportunities JumpCloud presents—an all-in-one password manager, mobile device manager and lifecycle management tool—make things simpler for both admins and users and again help towards cost savings.

Dynamo6 has joined the JumpCloud Ascent Partner Program, which provides our sales teams and technical engineers with training and certification pathways, overall providing you with best-practice deployments and guidance on how to make the most of your investment.

Reach out to the Dynamo6 team for a discussion of how JumpCloud can benefit your organisation, including a demo of it in action, and details of our deployment and ongoing support options.

Summarised from handy JumpCloud blog post, 'What is a Cloud Directory?'; March 2021; accessed Dec 2023.

2 Evidenced by numerous awards such as the G2 Software Awards and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Full run down found on JumpCloud's Awards and Reviews page.

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