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Edtech wanted to modernise and streamline their costs. Dynamo6 worked closely with Edtech to support their technology strategy, deliver a Microsoft 365 migration, and provide end-user IT support.

About Edtech

Edtech Financial Services provides customised accounting solutions for schools and other educational institutions.

After a move to new office premises, Edtech wanted to take a different approach to their technology. They wanted to refresh their infrastructure, modernise processes, and reduce IT management costs.

Dynamo6 worked closely with Edtech to support their technology strategy, move them from physical servers, and deliver a Microsoft 365 migration.


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A flexible workplace

Migration away from physical Microsoft Exchange servers meant that the staff at Edtech could work collaboratively, work from anywhere, as well as save and access the latest information more readily.

The Edtech team was already familiar with Microsoft Office, so the change to Microsoft 365 was not a shock to the system. Users launched straight into the new productivity suite rather than spending time learning how to use new software.

Other modernising benefits, such as integrated telephony and online data storage, were also added after the initial system changeover. The cloud-based approach streamlined IT management and reduced Edtech’s costs.

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Support when it's needed

During any change process, support is needed. Dynamo6’s Managed Support team were on hand to address any issues or questions as they arose. Edtech opted for remote support, and to this day, receives Dynamo6 IT support.

How it delivered

Dynamo6 worked with Edtech to provide a tailored infrastructure system to increase productivity and streamlining IT management. The Edtech team can now access and work on their documents easily and from any location. Overall, Edtech Financial Services saw the following benefits:

  • Reduced IT management costs
  • Improved productivity levels
  • Accessible and secure data storage

Dynamo6 are cloud-based specialists. They are innovative and at the top of their game. We don’t have the expertise, we don’t want to put capital investment into server-based infrastructure, and they were able to support us in moving towards a cloud-based operation. They designed and implemented what we needed.

Dynamo6 have been great. We haven’t had any problems. They’re very responsive and able to fix problems straight away. I get an immediate answer back to emails, and they have a solution quickly.

Jeff Sterling - Managing Director - Edtech Financial Services

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