We’re a talented bunch of tech types who love designing and building custom websites. We’ll help you capture your brand digitally, and then build the website on Silverstripe CMS so you can manage it.

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Silverstripe CMS & website development

Our talented team will help you craft a Silverstripe website that you and your users just love. Through our tried and true discovery and design phases, we’ll help express who you are and what you do.

Once we’ve got that clear, we’ll move into the development stages and build you a scalable website with the features you need to inform your customers, sell your products, or run your services.

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UX and digital design

We’ll help identify and elevate the moments that matter to increase customer value and engagement with your website.

We’ll also work with your chosen designers, or help you find some talented creatives, and then drive the digital art direction of your website. We'll make sure it has the right look and feel-good factors.

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reasons to consider us

  • A close-knit team of specialists - we may have a smaller headcount but that means we take on fewer projects and dedicate more time to them, we think this creates the best results.
  • A creative process, not a production line - We craft experiences and designs based on real creative spark driven by your business and user insights. No organisation is the same, and neither are our designs.
  • Software and hosting that holds up - Our style is backed by substance. We draw on our software and cloud teams to write quality code and host your Silverstripe website in a cloud environment that won’t fail.
  • Ongoing digital support - We’re not a one-and-done company. We like to keep your CMS updated and secure, plus offer you ongoing development resources for ongoing changes so you can keep things fresh.

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releated services

We’re a fresh-thinking and independent tech company. We offer a range of strategy, cloud, modern workplace, software development, digital experience, and managed support services.

Here are some of our digital and software services you might be interested in:

  • Cloud-hosted websites - we’ve built a custom website hosting environment that holds its own. You can choose from shared or dedicated cloud hosting and we take care of the updates, patching and other security things to keep you online.
  • Digital advisory - When you’re brimming with ideas but need help defining and prioritising we’ve got a team who understands the technical landscape and can help with that. Ideal for websites needing ongoing changes, or, products with feature development roadmaps.
  • Managed digital support - Ongoing digital support options tailored to your needs, covering the management of your website and development resource for bug fixes, new features, and CMS updates.
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It starts with a chat

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