software development

We’re a talented bunch operating across the best open-source tech to give you the freedom of scaling and innovating without the handbrake.


when it’s time for a proper website

web development

We utilise some of the best design talent in New Zealand, combined with technical development depth that the modern web requires. 

Back that with unbreakable cloud hosting infrastructure from our cloud engineering team and we've got you covered from the common to the highly custom.

  • Custom website development
  • WordPress platform development
  • Silverstripe platform development
  • Shopify e-commerce solutions
  • WooCommerce e-commerce solutions
  • Bespoke web app development

don’t be the 90%

app development

When your users need to engage with your brand on a daily basis it might be time to consider an app. An app is a bit of an art form - you need the perfect mix of functionality, aesthetic flair, experience smarts, and of course technical know-how. Our cross-functional team does this. Delivering a sleek app your users simply can’t live without.

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • React Native development
  • Chatbot development

getting things to talk

system development

The Dynamo6 development team can support you through the full software development lifecycle to integrate your current business applications or implement a new tool which meets your unique needs. If we can’t find it, we’ll build it.

Taking advantage of powerful public cloud platforms and combining that with skilled development talent, we can build a highly functional tool that automates processes, integrates with your in-house applications, and is available on mobile.

  • Application integration
  • Application architecture
  • Web app development
  • Google Cloud Platform native services
  • AWS native services
  • DevOps
  • CI/CD

data is only as good as the story it tells

data warehouse development

It’s never been easier to gain insight. The power of big data tools on public cloud platforms allow for highly cost effective data warehouse development. We build data platforms on AWS RedShift and Google BigQuery, giving petabyte scale but with the ability to start as light as you need.

Use the visualisation platform of your choice to surface your data across the organisation. AWS QuickSight, Google DataStudio, and Microsoft PowerBI provide the range you need for all business applications.

From knowing more about the users on your website through to the processing and visualisation of line of business information, use the Leveraging powerful AI tools natively in your cloud service of choice then accelerates the ability to build real meaning out of your data.

  • AWS RedShift
  • Google DataStudio dashboard design
  • Google BigQuery management
  • AWS QuickSight dashboard design
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • ETL configuration
  • Data security
  • Cost management


our technology friends

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