Identify hidden risks, streamline licences, and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 environment.

Our best practice review analyses your setup, access controls, security posture, and licence utilisation. We'll pinpoint areas for improvement and highlight any urgent security concerns, ensuring your environment works for you, not against you.


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About the review

Our Microsoft 365 best practice review goes beyond the surface. We perform a comprehensive audit, analysing every aspect of your M365 setup against industry best practices. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Identity and access management - Ensure the right people have the right access at the right time.
  • Device and application management - Optimise security and control over company devices and applications.
  • Policy, group & user configuration - Streamline user management and enforce consistent security policies.
  • Storage management - Review storage practices, identify optimisation opportunities and ensure proper backups and disaster recovery plans are in place.
  • Monitoring & auditing - Gain valuable insights into user activity and identify potential security risks.
  • Security configuration - Verify adherence to best practices and identify areas for improvement.
  • Third-party tooling & licences - Evaluate the effectiveness of existing tools and optimise your licence costs.

This in-depth review empowers you to unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365, maximise security, and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow for your entire organisation.

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Reasons to consider

Our Microsoft 365 best practice review goes beyond a simple checkup. It's a  small and strategic investment that unlocks the full potential of your M365 environment while safeguarding your organisation. Here's what you gain:

Reduction of wasted spending - Are you paying for features your team doesn't even use? Our review identifies these "double-pays" and helps you optimise licence utilisation, freeing up valuable resources.

Security improvements - Security breaches can be devastating. We act as an independent watchdog, reviewing your access controls, permissions, processes, and governance to identify security loopholes and recommend mitigation strategies.

Objective insights - An internal audit can have blind spots. Our independent review provides a fresh perspective, ensuring your M365 setup adheres to industry best practices.

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The outputs

Following the review, you'll receive a comprehensive report with a traffic light table for easy prioritisation. We'll then collaborate to develop an optimisation roadmap that addresses:

  • Urgent security issues - Our review prioritizes critical security fixes, ensuring your data and systems are protected.
  • Wasted spending - We identify areas where you're paying for unused licenses, allowing you to optimise costs.
  • Inefficient workflows - The roadmap streamlines processes and user management for greater efficiency.
  • Enhanced security posture - We recommend improvements to mitigate risks and create a robust security environment.
  • Improved employee experience - By optimising M365, you empower your team with a seamless and secure work experience.

Why Dynamo6?

We’re a fresh-thinking and independent tech company. Since we were founded in 2012, we’ve developed a name for ourselves in modern workplace and cloud services.

For your best practice review, our wonderful team of friendly experts will be on hand. They’re highly experienced and trained in Microsoft 365 services just like you’d expect. We’re also recognised as a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.

And just so you know… if you’re ever thinking about building and designing products, websites, apps or software, we do that just as awesomely too.

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