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Accounting in the cloudCase Study

“I tell them what we’re trying to do, and they come up with a solution. They worked with what we were familiar with.”

How better IT helped make Edtech more agile

Edtech Financial Services provides accounting services for schools and educational institutions, but they’re not your average accountants. Edtech specialises in customised accounting solutions for their clients – not just a one-size-fits-all approach. After restructuring and moving to new office premises, Edtech needed a new approach to technology. They wanted to refresh their technology infrastructure and reduce costs related to IT management.


Benefits forEdtech Financial Services

Reduced IT costs

Improved productivity with Office 365

Integrated phone capability

Integrated data storage


new requirement

Edtech’s Jeff Stirling explains: “So we had to set up a new office, get new staff, basically we’re setting up from scratch. When we were looking at that, we didn’t have an IT expert on the team. We went around and looked at other options.”

Because he’d worked with Dynamo6‘s Igor Matich in the past, Jeff chose to approach Dynamo6 for help.

“I knew Igor, I knew he was innovative and at the head of the game as opposed to the other end. I thought they’d be a good company to contact.”

Jeff Stirling,
Managing Director


Taking the office online

The first step was choosing a cloud-based platform which would meet Edtech’s needs.

The Dynamo6 team talked through current offerings with their management team, and decided that Office 365 was the best option.
Because Edtech staff were already working with Microsoft Office, they were able to move to Office 365 with minimal disruption. Other benefits like integrated telephony and online data storage were added after the changeover.

Using a familiar system meant the change wasn’t overwhelming, and time wasn’t wasted learning how to use new software. As Stirling says: “I tell them what we’re trying to do, and they come up with a solution. They worked with what we were familiar with.”

“They’re cloud based specialists, so I said look, we don’t have the expertise, we don’t want to put capital investment into infrastructure, and would they be able to support us in a cloud based server. They got involved in the design of what we would need in terms of equipment and wiring.”

Jeff Stirling,
Managing Director


People and productivity

Moving away from physical servers has reduced IT management costs for Edtech, while Office 365 has helped improve productivity. The team is now able to work from anywhere, access data easily, integrate other technology into their system, and collaborate on work. According to Jeff, Dynamo6‘s responsiveness has also helped.

It all adds up to flexibility and agility – essential for a business with a modern approach to accounting.

“They’ve been great. We haven’t had any problems. They’re very responsive, able to fix problems or little glitches straight away. I get an immediate answer back to emails, and usually they have a solution quickly.”

Jeff Stirling,
Managing Director