With an independent AWS cloud review, you can ensure the success of your cloud journey and investments. We use the AWS Well-Architected Review pillars as well as our cloud expertise to assist you in securing and optimising your cloud workloads.

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About the review

A well-architected review is ideal for any business designing and running cloud workloads. It will assist you in identifying and resolving potential issues with your cloud environment.

Ongoing audits of your AWS cloud environments should be performed on an ongoing basis to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of system design.

Our certified AWS cloud architects and professionals will assess your environment's compliance with industry best practices and standards, such as AWS Well-Architected Framework's five pillars and the NCSC Cloud Security Principles.

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The benefits

The following are the overall benefits of a well-architected review:

  • Service performance and availability have been improved
  • Alignment with best-practice security approaches
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Software development teams will benefit from shorter delivery cycles
  • Cost and effort to release new software are reduced
  • Reduces risk and ensures repeatability
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What we'll do

Our team will conduct a thorough cloud review for you. Following that, you'll be given a status report that identifies areas of concern and details for improvement, as well as information on what is configured according to best practices.

There are three stages in total, as detailed below:

in three parts

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Stage 1: review

We deep dive into your existing cloud environment and review it against the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework:

  1. Operational excellence,
  2. Security,
  3. Reliability,
  4. Performance efficiency,
  5. And cost optimization.

Stage 2: report

After looking under the hood, our team will compile an AWS cloud audit review and recommendations report to summarise their findings. You'll receive this report in as little as 7 days.

The overall report contains a simple status report with red, amber, and green traffic light indicators, as well as our own commentary tailored to your unique cloud environment.

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Stage 3: remediate

Following our recommendations report, you may decide you’d like us to remedy and work to improve your environment.

If so, we will create a statement of work for you to outline expected timeframes and costs based on the work required. This is your no-obligation quote.

Our credentials

Our team is experienced and certified in AWS. We’re part of the AWS Partner Network, our team knows how to leverage AWS infrastructure. We’ve got demonstrable experience and a track record of success in delivering cloud solutions.

By using our team of experienced cloud architects and professionals, you can rest assured that your environment is in good hands.

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Terms and notes
  • The review assessment report is intended to be delivered to you 7 days following the completion of your workshop.
  • We can help you with any assistance required in remediation work that the review may uncover, however the work(s) would be carried out under an additional statement of work and timeline(s) outside of this offer.

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