is your remote working set-up secure, productive, and cost optimised?

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the right tools for the job

VPN connections or Remote Desktop Protocols may be crippling your employees’ connection speeds or resulting in high latency, either way, it can spell lost productivity. Or they may not be able to access on-premise systems they need to get stuff done. We can advise on your networking options.


stay connected & productive

Getting your workforce up and running during this period of business disruption may have led to the use of hardware, software, and services being utilised without scrutiny of the user controls and level of access or the productivity gains. We will use our expertise in modern workplace tools to set you on the right path.

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optimise & cut unnecessary costs

In a bid to ensure that your team can stay active during this time, the set up of your G Suite or Office 365 suites, other SaaS applications, or virtual machines and remote network access may be costing you a fortune. We can take an audit of your environments and reconfigure this.

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With a plethora of video conferencing apps, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google’s Hangouts Meet, to name a few, ensuring the right communication and productivity tool selection may not have gone through your usual rigour.

If you’re using lots of different providers and device types you may be missing out on the features from existing toolsets you have or spending additional time or money maintaining and updating these services and devices for your team.

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scale & secure

IT administrators can be facing challenges with load balancing and scaling instances, as well as the difficult job managing applications, vendors, and device updates. If this weren’t enough, they must also consider security. 

With so many different users remotely accessing the company network through SaaS application, VPNs or remote desktop protocols, with different permissions and devices  IT administrators need a scalable way to manage devices, user access, and security.

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what we can offer

Dynamo6 can help you to no matter where you are in your remote working journey:

  • Optimising your office productivity suite
  • Improving network connectivity configuration
  • Securing your systems
  • Service consolidation and selection
  • Device selection and management
  • Providing Managed IT Support
  • Future-proofing your technology selection
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about us

Dynamo6 are a technology company that provides cloud-based infrastructure expertise including productivity solutions.

Our project team can work closely with you as well as one of our experienced and certified cloud engineers on a solution that's the right fit for you.

We can provide you with quick answers and expert technology support to optimise how your business operates and fully leverage the systems you have inplace.

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