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Application and Systems Integration

More efficient, better insights: Get your apps and data working in harmony

Dynamo6 can connect different applications together across your organisation, including everything from on-premise databases to cloud apps – it doesn’t matter where they are. Turn your information into real-time insights with your data working in perfect harmony across all your systems.

Work better with apps that work together

With today’s cloud apps there are now literally hundreds of options for running accounting, crm, email marketing, enterprise resource planning systems and a plethora of other disparate applications.

Getting applications to talk to each other can be a headache. Exporting and importing data is often a daunting process with room for human error, sometimes requiring additional data remediation.

The cloud has hugely increased the number of silos or disparate data sets that a business has to manage. Without proper integration between apps, you will need to constantly manage your data across multiple systems – and also fix up inconsistencies.

The answer is integration, or better still, automation. Dynamo6 are experts with application workflows and data exchange. We set up a master database so you can enter data in one place for all apps, then we automate real time data flow to, from and between your applications – whether they’re local or in the cloud –  giving you back your time and peace of mind.

Automate workflowbetween cloud apps

Get more done in less time by removing the need for repetitive tasks.

Create automated business processes, reducing inconsistencies and “cracks”

Focus more on customer centric activities

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Make better business decisions withreal-time insights from your apps


Dynamo6 can process your data with a Business Intelligence engine, then display it in a digital dashboard, giving you instant information about any of your key data parameters.

  • See a consistent analysis of key business  information
  • Remove the guesswork and make better decisions
  • Create useful and attractive recurring reports

Case study

Waikato Tainui

The Tainui Iwi wanted to collect information from its people, communicate about events and issues, and get real feedback – not just statistics. Every decision required information and input from their people, but with over sixty thousand people spread across 68 marae and 33 hapu, this wasn’t an easy task.

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