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Dynamo6 has delivered a big change in IT infrastructure that has created flexibility and agility – and significantly reduced operational costs.

Big changes in IT infrastructure

The ambitious commercial arm of Waikato Tainui iwi, Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) has successfully developed an extensive and diverse portfolio. For IT Manager Helaman Tangiora this was both a source of pride and also a growing challenge. TGH management had been looking to find better, more effective ways to connect with and manage their various enterprises, staff and iwi members. But with separate IT systems across four offices and three server domains, that was difficult at best. He needed access to the best thinking and innovation, so he went on a hunt through his network – and found Dynamo6.


Benefits forTainui Group

Significantly reduced IT costs with increased flexibility

Better user experience with improved collaboration

Security and reliability through global cloud platforms

Greater clarity of IT usage and costs


Migrating to the cloud

From his research Helaman knew he needed a cloud IT solution, and that meant big changes for TGH and for the iwi as a whole. After discussions with Dynamo6, work began on migrating entire systems to Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. They began integrating technologies so TGH staff could have secure, intuitive access from anywhere on their mobile devices. It didn’t happen overnight, but step by step, with engineers offering solutions along the way. Helaman was able to ask questions and indicate what he wanted, testing each step as it was implemented.

“The Dynamo6 engineers are great. They think quickly and ask the right questions. When I go to them with an idea, they challenge my thinking so each step we implement is fit for purpose.”

ICT Manager,
Helaman Tangiora


More opportunities ahead

The relationship with Dynamo6 continues. There’s still plenty more to do, Helaman says. He wants to continue improving access and increasing IT quality and efficiency through the entire Group. And with technology changing all the time, Dynamo6 will provide value over the long term. Meanwhile, with the changes already made, staff have the opportunity to develop critical thinking, find value-based solutions and work more collaboratively. It’s a big change in IT infrastructure that has created flexibility and agility – and significantly reduced operational costs.

“Our global connections are growing – we’re more visible, more mobile and more profitable. Getting Dynamo6 on board has been a huge cost saving up front, with better returns for the future.”

Helaman Tangiora,
ICT Manager


Security? No worries

Large companies often keep their IT infrastructure on-premise because of security concerns – it means they’re working with a closed system and database that are available to only a few. Although migrating to the cloud might seem a risky move for TGH, Helaman isn’t worried. Dynamo6’s cloud services practice combined with global cloud platforms Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps for Work comes with enterprise grade security to protect their valuable data, while giving the organisation the flexibility it needs. That’s testament to the relationship Dynamo6 has built with the team at TGH – it’s about trust, being open and keeping promises.

“At Dynamo6 they’ve been transparent – about costs and everything else. I trust them. Running our entire infrastructure on global cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Office 365 ensures we have global standards in IT security built in by design.”

Helaman Tangiora,
ICT Manager