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Technology key to transformational changeMcCaw Lewis Lawyers

"Our new technology helps us be more efficient, creating time to focus on relationships with our customers and improve our business."

Technology key to transformational change

Established Hamilton law firm McCaw Lewis is on a pathway to improve its IT for the benefit of staff and clients. Recognising that technology is an essential pillar to support this goal, the firm needed to partner with a company that could truly understand its technology problems and opportunities. Dynamo6 supported the firm to move premises, establish new infrastructure to move its IT services to the cloud and prepare for a period of transformational change in the business.

benefits forMcCaw Lewis Lawyers

Cloud email set up before the office move, allowing staff to access email the whole time

Smooth transition to new premises, wireless infrastructure and cloud-based servers

Responsive support services are quick to diagnose and respond to faults, and can now manage services remotely

Infrastructure in place to focus on transformational change and create a great experience for customers


Technology an essential pillar

McCaw Lewis wants to be the most IT-savvy law firm in the Waikato, at the leading edge of technology and using it to its fullest capability. The first step with Dynamo6 was to move the firm to Office 365 to offer cloud email and a better, more consistent user experience to over 50 staff. Having cloud email in place before the company moved to a new office meant the transition was smoother for all staff, with access to email remaining available during any server downtime.


On-site servers have been reduced from around eight to just one, which is needed to manage the Infinity Law practice management platform. The new system uses Amazon Web Services, a pay as you go service that frees the firm from paying for new server equipment or licensing fees every year. New wireless equipment and switching hardware for the phones are the only extras needed on-site.

We now have the right infrastructure in place to change the way we do things. Our new technology helps us be more efficient, creating time to focus on relationships with our customers and improve our business. We’re really excited about the opportunities this will give us.

Renika Siciliano,


Relationship a priority

McCaw Lewis takes a proactive partnership approach with its clients that prioritises communication and high-quality relationships, treating clients like whānau. Standing alongside clients to watch for potential threats and protect what they value is central to how they work. It’s also one of the reasons the firm chose to partner with Dynamo6.

Dynamo6 really shone as the company that would rise to the challenge, understand our business and test our thinking. In fact, when we first met, they hardly talked about the technology at all, but focused on getting to know our business. This way of working really aligns with our values. The relationship is the priority.

Renika Siciliano,


Smooth transition to new office

In 2018 McCaw Lewis made the decision to move to new premises. It was the ideal time to make big changes to the firm’s IT infrastructure, though a short timeframe to plan and execute the move presented some challenges.


Dynamo6 made it happen, working in partnership with McCaw Lewis, Greenstone Group, Foster Construction and Feisst Electrical. A rack and server room was set up for the one remaining on-site server, faster and more robust wireless and switching hardware was installed, as well as an upgraded meeting room experience that uses Google Chromecast.

As is par for the course, there were a few minor hiccups along the way. The team at Dynamo6 was so professional. They went above and beyond to make it easy for us, and everything was ready to go when our staff returned to work. The on-site support they gave us during this transition time was exceptional, and always given with a smile.

Renika Siciliano,


The best is yet to come

With the right IT infrastructure in place, McCaw Lewis is now focused on creating a great experience for its customers. The business analysis and development team at Dynamo6 will continue working with the firm to run a client experience workshop and map business processes to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.


There are opportunities to use technology to ensure people get the right information in a timely way. Making it easy to book a meeting with a lawyer, sign in as a visitor, access documents or use a digital signing platform will positively change the way the firm engages with its customers. Taking care of the little things also lets the lawyers focus on what’s important – their customer relationships and giving great advice.


Other ideas for the future are invisible to the public, but critical to the efficiency and profitability of the business. A standard operating environment will mean all staff have the right tools to do their job, and onboarding new staff will be straightforward. Mining older operational data will offer insights that allow the business to forecast future needs and optimise the workforce accordingly.

Working with Dynamo6 has already been a fundamental change to the way we approach technology. They’ve worked hard to bring us solutions based on real business or operational problems, and everything has been done with an eye for our future needs and growth. Their guidance has been so valuable and we look forward to seeing where this strong partnership will take us.

Renika Siciliano,