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Better IT, better businessCase study

With G Suite for Business, we have better collaboration, more flexibility and cost savings that positively impact the bottom line.

Technology is critical to our business

When you’re a busy electrical business offering a wide range of services – including data and communications installations – having your own internal systems working seamlessly is critical. So when Marcus Feisst sat down to write some urgent emails to suppliers, and the system “fell over”, he knew it was time to change IT providers.


Benefits forFeisst Group

Robust IT running on the G Suite for Business platform

Infrastructure that can scale easily

Time savings and accuracy with better information management

Work from anywhere and on any device


A quick rescue mission

Within a week, Dynamo6 had a new email system up and running – but they didn’t stop there. After discussions with Marcus and his staff to work out exactly what the company needed, Dynamo6 has begun implementing ongoing improvements.

From on-premise hosting, Feisst Group now operates in the cloud using G Suite. For Feisst, the benefits were clear, they’d see better collaboration, more flexibility and cost savings that would positively impact the bottom line. Over time, more and more business functions are being moved to the cloud.

“It really opened our eyes, how much a fast, stable infrastructure aids the business. We’re way more efficient – and we pass that on to clients.”

Marcus Feisst,
Managing Director


A proactive journey

What impressed Marcus was how proactive the team at Dynamo6 is – they don’t wait for things to go wrong. Instead they take an active view – by getting to know the business inside out they can suggest better, faster and more efficient ways of working. For an industry like IT – where ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ – that approach was invaluable.

Many of their suggestions have been put into practice – and Marcus is already seeing the benefits in the company’s day to day efficiency. Now using fit-for-purpose devices, foremen, site managers and project managers communicate faster and more accurately. Onsite staff can now access the server and cloud resources for project updates and information. Devices have been matched to workloads, and double handling of information and documents has drastically reduced.

“Dynamo6 looked over our current systems and made some very useful suggestions. Now, we keep up with a job’s progress wherever we are, and we make a lot fewer mistakes.”

Marcus Feisst,
Managing Director


Keeping up with growth

The Feisst Group staff numbers have grown from 14 to 140, a rapid growth that could have presented problems. The new IT capability that Dynamo6 has provided so far means that only one extra person was added to office staff to administrate the company’s expanding activity. For a growing business, the value of avoiding overheads is immense – it reduces risk, and allows cash flow to be invested more profitably. It also simplifies management of day-to-day growing pains, says Marcus.

“The time saving and the accuracy of information – it’s made a huge difference to our efficiency.”

Marcus Feisst,
Managing Director


Coping with changes

With the electrical industry advancing rapidly and incorporating new systems and technology innovations, Feisst employees face a big learning curve. With Dynamo6 providing easy-to-use IT platforms and devices, staff were free to concentrate on professional development, rather than wasting time trying to keep things running or fix mistakes.

“The new system has given us breathing space. The staff are really engaged – the IT changes are a lot easier than anyone expected.”

Marcus Feisst,
Managing Director