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We use digital to makebusinesses better

Whatever your line of work, digital technology disruption will increasingly affect your organisation, so make sure you're ready. Using evolved solutions we’ll help you move further into the modern, digital world, so you can work better, easier and faster.

Technology can move you forward – don’t let it hold you back

We all know that times have changed. Work has moved beyond the four office walls, personal computers, managing servers and cumbersome locally installed applications. Today IT resources and applications can be delivered on-demand, online with pay-as-you-go prices. This fast-evolving, interconnected digital world promotes innovation and creativity, while allowing far greater efficiency and productivity. Your customers and employees expect it – don’t let traditional systems, applications and outdated methods limit you.

Meet our key people

The Dynamo6 team was carefully formed with the right blend of skills and experience to help you make the most of today's technology. Our people have held senior roles at well-known IT infrastructure and software services companies; now at Dynamo6 we focus on better, modern solutions. We are united by our passion for removing obstacles, making technology work for our clients and unlocking new opportunities.

Igor Matich

Managing Director

Martin Bloxam

Commercial Director

Amanda Burney

Finance and HR

Shaun Coutts

Business Development

Darren Martin

Application Infrastructure

Andrew Milne

Systems Integration

Mike Harris

Software Development

Andrew Rozen

Account Management

Dominik Feiler

Systems Support

Mark Brawn

Software Development

Brooke Barnes

Support Engineer

Mitchell Smith

Support Engineer

Darin Gillies

Technical Consultant

Jacques Maré

Systems Support

Peter O'Halloran

Business Analysis


Partnering with the most globally recognised technology vendors means we can cover all your needs, with proven high-performance solutions, enhanced security, and unrivalled value. Choice is a good thing: different platforms will deliver different opportunities and outcomes for your organisation - whether you’re in business, education, government or charity.

The world's leading platforms

Dynamo6 trusts these proven global platforms, brought to you by the companies who most influence and shape technology across the world. We can help you choose which platforms best fit your organisation - and integrate them with your line-of-business apps for a seamless experience.