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Time savings with new features on EBS Elastic Volumes

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Our engineering team were stoked to hear that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released new features to Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes within EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) . This update means a huge cost saving for engineering time required to adjust disks in AWS, and removes the need for after hours work.

Elastic Volumes (launched mid February 2017 by AWS) have simplified the process required to change the size, volume and type of volumes, something we have been waiting many months for.

As an example the previous steps to increase the C: drive of a windows server size by 100GB, would have been:

  1. Stop the instance, if this is a production server you may need to organise an outage
  2. Create a snapshot of the volume attached to the instance, which depending on the size can take minutes to several hours to complete
  3. Create a new volume from the snapshot specifying the new required size
  4. Detach the original volume from the instance and attach the new volume
  5. Start the instance
  6. Connect to the Windows instance and from Disk Management extend the volume

Now the process is:

  1. Select the volume you want to adjust from the console, choose modify volume
  2. Adjust the Type, Size and Iops as required, click Modify, then Yes to confirm
  3. Connect to the Windows instance and from Disk Management extend the volume

As you can see this new feature makes the planning and implementation requirement of disks changes almost a non-event. In addition to this time-saving aspect is the cost saving, as it also means you no longer have to over-spec your disks to allow for future growth you can simply adjust the disks as you go.

If you need support with making changes to your AWS environment get in contact with Dynamo6.