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The Modern Workspace Work like it’s 2020

In the office, on the road, at the cafe, across all of your devices, getting your work done should be easy; technology should not get in the way.

Easy, always connected experience

Today’s workplace has evolved from the traditional corporate office. The new work environment should be free of previous IT restrictions that kept workers confined to one place, one set of business hours and one or two work computers.

To be most productive, users want a frictionless technology environment without roadblocks:

They can authenticate once and securely find work on any device, anywhere. With modern technology systems there is reduced need for VPNs, extra sign-on, connecting local shared drives, locally installed software and overall excessive complexity.

Mobile device management

User productivity platform

User authentication system

Plus your apps. We make it all work together.

Give your teams the tools theyneed to be more productive

Today, devices and apps for consumers and businesses are converging. Workers are using cloud based apps that are useful to them and ultimately increase their productivity - regardless of corporate policy.

In this new environment, IT managers and business leaders often find themselves wondering how to maintain security while still allowing creative freedom and productivity. At Dynamo6, we believe organisations should not have to compromise between agility and security. We work with business leaders to help find the right balance between flexibility and control.


of organisations have employees using consumer file sharing and collaboration tools

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of end users use unapproved apps in their organisaitons to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently

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of enterprise IT expenditure is already happening outside of the corporate IT budget

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of employees expressed dissatisfaction with the devices and software provided by their employer

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Case study

McCaw Lewis Lawyers

With the right IT infrastructure in place, McCaw Lewis is now focused on creating a great experience for its customers. The business analysis and development team at Dynamo6 will continue working with the firm to run a client experience workshop and map business processes to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

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