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G Suite for Education: Tools to engage

Schools are early adopters of new technology, but they need ICT to work all the time so they can focus on educating. G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) helps teachers deliver more engaging learning programmes. It also helps schools easily search for work and avoid losing data – which all saves valuable time.

Google Classroom: Mission control for students & teachers

Save lost time with G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education will reduce the need (and cost) of a local server ecosystem. Thanks to the self-saving feature your data will never be lost – and with Google Search built in, it will always be easy to find quickly. With Google Chrome, your settings and work will follow you safely to any device. G Suite for Education is a safe and very powerful platform for your school to take advantage of, now and the future.

What appsdo i get?

G Suite for Education gives you unlimited storage and a full suite of online software. Create documents, drawings, slides, email and chat or hold HD video conferences with multiple people.

Chrome keeps your settings and applies them wherever you sign in.

Google Classroom helps teachers administer student work, check their progress and give feedback.

Break free fromlocal servers


Start saving your data to Google Drive and using Gmail  and say goodbye to fileserver and mailserver costs. The benefits are obvious.

  • Reduce or eliminate 3-4 year server upgrade projects
  • Do away with constant server frustrations
  • Easily find work with Google Search
  • Enjoy much higher guaranteed uptime
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to upgrading a traditional server

Thought aboutChrome devices?

Education is taking on Chromebooks in vast numbers - with good reason.

Affordable, robust devices

Chromebooks are a fraction of the price of a laptop, and with no moving parts, they’re highly reliable – Even the hard drive is solid state, so it won’t slow down over time. The battery life and start up speed are also impressive.

Easy to manage, easier to maintain

With Chrome Management Licenses you can administer large groups of chromebooks simultaneously. They don’t have an operating system to repair or update, as everything runs in Chrome.

Simple, convenient and easy to use

Chrome OS allows you access to all your Google work and resources, plus you get voice control. There are no driver issues and no software glitches to deal with. Press the power button, sign in, and start work.

Case study

Endeavour School

Because their entire system is cloud-based, Endeavour School has a robust data environment but no server hardware to replace or maintain. This means costs are significantly lower than they would be with traditional ICT models.

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We’ve deployed G Suite for Education for a lot of educators, and helped others who wanted to do it themselves. Call us to find out more.

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