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Get Google Meet today

For current G Suite customers: Google Meet is included in your G Suite license through September 30, 2020. Set up Meet immediately to help your teams stay connected, no matter where they are. Need help? Contact us.

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Connect & Collaborate

Stay connected with Google Meet video conferencing

Google Meet video capabilities are: 

Google Meet―G Suite’s video conferencing solution―helps millions of people stay connected, whether it’s colleagues working at home, doctors caring for patients, local businesses supporting their communities, governments serving citizens, or schools staying in session.

  • Secure: Reliable, high-quality meetings with robust security & privacy protection
  • Helpful: Meetings that are easy to join and create, wherever you are
  • More than meetings: Deep integrations with G Suite & other tools

As many of your customers and prospects are now working remotely in response to these unprecedented times, we want to do our part to help everyone stay connected and productive.

G Suite and Google Meet quick start offer

Dynamo6 are offering you a quick start set up of G Suite and Google Meet.* As a bonus, Google Meet is available with premium features to new business and public sector customers through to September 30, 2020.**

Premium Meet features include:

  • 250 meeting attendees
  • Live streaming to 100k participants
  • Enterprise security
  • Up to 1TB Drive Storage

Contact us to speak to one of our G Suite experts and start the process.

* G Suite for Business pricing applies, starting from $6 per user

** After the promotion date, the premium features will be available on the Enterprise version of G Suite for Business

Promotion Conditions