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cloud migration with confidence

Moving your on-premise databases to the cloud offers you greater flexibility and scalability. Cloud offers you faster infrastructure configuration, consumption-based pricing, and a wider variety of database management systems.


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Database Proper 3 3.4 Version

what we're including

  • Database migration plan
  • Implementation of the migration
  • Performance and compatibility testing
  • Security implementation
  • Training and support
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predictability & assurance

Our fixed price offer will give you a predictable cost and time frame, with an assured outcome.

The exact fixed price and time frame will be provided once we've had a chat about your database size and implementation needs.


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why work with a partner?

Moving databases can be the trickiest part of cloud migrations. Working with a technology partner will make your migration simpler.

By understanding your existing stack, we can advise you on the best type of migration based on your business needs and goals. We then manage the process minimising the complexity you would otherwise need to deal with.

our credentials

We are a team of independent cloud solutions specialists. We’re proudly partnered with and certified by the industry titans, Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud.

We will help guide your cloud adoption path and deliver your database migration using our proven frameworks developed by our team of seasoned cloud architects and professionals.

By using our team of experienced cloud engineers and professionals, you can rest assured that your migration is in good hands.

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some of our cloud customers

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terms of offer
  • To keep to our timeline we’ll need timely responses from your decision-makers. Contact will primarily be on authorisations and approvals. 
  • We’ll also need to work with your IT, networking, and security people to complete your migration.
  • You’re responsible for the security, compliance, and legal review of your data, including advising us of any need to keep certain records on-premise. As well as updates to your IT governance policies.
  • If you’re thinking about containerisation, modularisation, rebuilds or rewrites … great! We’d love to help you with all of these, but they will be additional statements of works and timelines outside of this fixed price offer.
  • Google Cloud Platform or AWS costs are your responsibility.
  • The offer’s pricing and time frame will vary based on the size of your database.

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