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Going hi-techCase Study

One of New Zealand’s largest intermediate schools, it’s also one of the most hi - tech, with multiple laptop classrooms, BYOD networks, and a campus-wide Wifi network.

Going hi-tech at Otumoetai Intermediate School

The school had multiple on-site servers, the fastest internet connection available, a full time technology teacher and outsourced tech support. When they decided to refresh their ICT systems, they needed experienced help. Dynamo6 were the chosen people. “We knew the team at Dynamo6 were exceptional engineers, having dealt with them before, so it was almost a no brainer to have them take over our technical support. And because they already knew how we were structured and they were able to provide what we needed.”


Otumoetai Intermediatebenefits for

Reliable, high speed WiFi and internet access

Safe and reliable BYOD network for students

Updated, standardised software versions

Fewer issues with network and reduced support costs


Refresh and renew

Improving a complex and multi-faceted IT network isn’t easy. Dynamo6 worked to upgrade the school’s wireless systems, configure the network to support BYOD safely, installed Google Apps, and consolidated servers. All the work was done with minimal disruption to staff and students.

The goal was to make the network easier to use, more reliable, and to reduce the reliance on local servers wherever possible. In future, the school will be able to move everything to the cloud.

“We pretty much achieved everything we set out to do - we just need to keep tweaking things now. And of course as a school we are constantly growing and adding more technology so we need to test and deal with that. Any issues that have come up we just work through them, Dynamo6 come out to us one day a week and we have remote support the rest of the time.”

Micheal Stoodley,
ICT Manager


Smart systems

Staff and students at Otumoetai are now able to use the latest version of their desktop software on all school computers, bring their own devices for use on the network without problems, and access fast, reliable internet. Staff are using the tools available in Google Apps to collaborate on planning and timetables.

The upgrade has also made a difference to IT costs for the school. Because the new systems are more reliable, spending on onsite support hours has been reduced as problems have subsided. That means more money to put back into technology solutions.

“I respect the honesty and integrity with them, like they’re not trying to force products on us. They’re not locked into selling servers to meet sales targets. In fact they’re often trying to look for ways to save us money. I’ve had times when their rep has turned around to me and said you’ll get a better deal on a desktop from these guys.”

Micheal Stoodley,
ICT Manager


Smooth sailing

Since bringing Dynamo6 on board, the IT department has gone from strength to strength. Having one competent engineer who knows Otumoetai’s system inside out has been key to the project’s success. It’s all positive for a school with a leading technology focus in New Zealand.

“We have had times with other companies where the staff they provide are not up to the task at hand but we haven’t had that with Dynamo6. We know we can completely trust their knowledge and their ability to work with us to get the job done. They’re just great people, good people to work with and never a complaint you know.”

Micheal Stoodley,
ICT Manager