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Google Sign Builder in Schools

While Google Sign Builder is not new, it is an excellent low cost solution for digital signage that many schools could be using – especially since most schools these days…

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Transform With The Cloud

On the 19th of October we held a lunchtime event in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) entitled Transform With The Cloud. Check out some photos of the event online,…

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Consolidated Billing and Cross-Account Access on AWS

Introduction to Consolidated Billing and Cross-Account Access Consolidated Billing allows you to separate your master Amazon Web Services (AWS) account into separate clients, teams and areas. For example, you may want to separate…

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How vulnerable are your digital assets?

What do the following companies have in common: Ebay, AOL, British Airways, UPS, and Sony? They are all multi-national, billion-dollar companies who have been hacked in the last 18 months. The…

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Concerns over security in the Cloud

One of the most widely discussed barriers to adoption of the cloud is concerns over security. And so it should be – if someone gains unauthorised access to the cloud…

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