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The AppleID Problem in Schools

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Users with an iPad or iPhone have to tolerate the requirement to enter their AppleID credentials each time when downloading apps from the AppStore or media content from iTunes. However, for teachers and IT administrators in schools, the problem is much worse. Schools using these devices have to create and maintain hundreds of unique AppleID’s for every iOS device owned. When sharing iPads between different students, the credentials have to be shared also. Attempting to download new applications or media content onto these iPads in either of these scenarios is a huge hassle.

This is why Apple is now moving towards modifying the current AppleID requirements for iPads utilised in schools. Apple will soon allow IT administrators in the education sector options to download applications and media content to iPads without the requirement of assigning an Apple ID to each device. IT administrators at schools will still have the option to disable users from downloading the content.

Furthermore, students under the age 13 require permission from their parents to create an AppleID, even if the AppleID is used in a school situation. In the year 2016 all schools will be able to create and maintain Apple ID’s for the younger under 13 students without having to formally obtain parental permission. According to Apple the changes will definitely ease the enrolment, management and support of a large deployment, and reduce the many steps schools currently have to endure to configure their iOS devices.